On Interviewing

I’ve taken a liking to this type of title. Just thought I’d mention that. I’m working on another project for a couple of close friends, and every piece that I write starts off with that type of title: “On blah blah blah.”

Anyways, I received a phone call today offering another phone interview.

Phone interview #2.

And I’m much more sure of this one. I was nervous for my first one, but this one I feel a bit more sure about. And I hope that it goes beyond the phone interview!

I’ve looked at the college and it looks like a really beautiful campus.

So let me be clear. I’m kinda nervous that I haven’t gotten more offers for phone interviews, but I also know that I’m brand new to the field.

But still, the two questions that always throw me is what are your strengths and weaknesses? and what questions do you have for us?

So I leave it here for you all.

I’m pretty sure that I have a good idea on how to answer these two questions…but what is your advice?

1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

2. What questions do you have for us?


On Publishing

It’s finally happened.

I’ve finally put together my first novel, and I’ve worked with CreateSpace and Amazon to self-publish!


One of my oldest dreams has been fulfilled!

And of course I read my fair share of publishing blogs, and understand that CreateSpace and Amazon have a bad reputation. I am pleased to say that as of right now, I’ve not experienced any of that. I hopefully won’t.

For me, CreateSpace provided the best options for what I needed and I could not be any happier with the current finished product. In fact, the day my proofs arrived, I was giddy and just held them for a little while.

It was my work.

My story, in physical book form.

From just twenty six letters and a few characters (and maybe a couple of accented letters) I finally had MY story told. Or at least the first part.

Now, I chose to write under a pen name.


I know, I know, shocking. But it’s true.

I want to be able to separate my writing. I have a feeling that I’m not done with my schooling yet, and if I go back, it would be for a doctorate. A doctorate requires some level of academic writing and I want to be able to keep my fictional writing and academic writing separated.


As a result of that.

This is one of the few times that I’ll be promoting my novel in an actual post. I’ve created a page specifically for it here on my website, but I’ll also begin constructing an author blog to specifically promote my novel–err novels. Currently I’m working on a trilogy, and hopefully it will extend into a full series in the future.

The Tasguliere Series began almost eight years ago, when I was in year 10 at public school (or tenth grade if that’s easier to understand, I sometimes enjoy thinking of it as year 10 because of my wish for Harry Potter to be true). Although at the time, it was not known by that. The first working title that I had was “The Decisive Offensive.” Ancient of course (well not really heh), but somewhere in there was the first place that I mentioned the term “Carnor.”

That eventually changed and morphed into “Plight of the Carnor” and the actual manuscript has been written over maybe four times. But for me, I certainly enjoy the fact that I’ve published it!

So below I’ve placed three links so that you could purchase my novel if you would like! I would certainly appreciate it!

And of course, none of these books would be worthy if there wasn’t a synopsis for you to read, so I’ve put that below as well!

The Carnor and Castors of Avonaire have known nothing but peace for as long as they can remember. That peace is threatened when one of the Carnor explodes in a burst of flames. Something is attacking the very leaders of Avonaire, and it must be very powerful.

As the Carnor of Water, Michael Legen has served in guiding the land of Avonaire into a bright future with great prosperity. But his mentor, the ech-ler-eas, has been missing for ten years, and by now is assumed dead. Michael must race to uncover what is happening to the rulers of Avonaire as their existence is threatened. He must also work with his old partner, Ya-inay, and his fellow Carnor, to carefully raise a new Carnor to stand and fight.

Evil has never been seen in Avonaire, but its ugly head is rising and the Carnor and Castors must move to stop it. That is when they realize that it is much greater than their survival as the leaders of the peaceful island nation of Avonaire, for the entire world is about to change. Someone has gotten a devious and dangerous idea to take command of everything.

Now if you’re wanting to purchase Plight of the CarnorI’ve put links below! Remember I’m in the United States, so my links go to the US Amazon, but it’s available, or at least it should be, on all of them!

download (1)

CreateSpace (shipping costs more, but I receive more royalties)

Amazon (FREE 2 day shipping with an Amazon Prime subscription)

Amazon Kindle (Cause I know that there’s a lot of you who probably enjoy your Kindle like I do!)

On Judging

If there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s watching other people being told that they’re a worthless piece of skin. Or they just need to stop breathing. Or they just need to go die.

Like really?


You’re gonna tell someone that they don’t even deserve to exist?

Based on what, probably ONE encounter you’ve had with them?

At least most often that’s what I’ve noticed. Whenever someone says that about another person, honestly looking, they only have had one encounter with them. Or for example saying that someone deserves to rot in jail for what they did.

Now I’m not going to disagree that what some people do is ABSOLUTELY HORRID and REPULSIVE.

I won’t.

Because for some people, what they do is horrid and repulsive.

But does that really mean that they deserve to be ripped away from people who love them, trust them, and believe in them?

Or that you have the right, after one encounter with an individual, to say that they don’t deserve to breath or exist?


Alrighty then.

You can live on your throne.

All of the rest of us will grovel below you.

But I’ve recently become a fan of Dr. Who. And honestly, I was always hearing about this quote, something about 900 years, and then I heard it somewhere in Series 7 (or maybe it was 6 I’m not sure, I know it was Eleven who said it tho!).


Credit to were-going-nowhere on Tumblr for the image.

The reality of that quote stands.

There has never been someone who is not important.

Honestly, and I think about this once in awhile, at any given moment there are a hundred, thousand, million histories out there. A hundred, thousand, million universes. All contingent on what each individual person in the world does.

History changes because someone turned left rather than right and made it to a job interview.

History changes because someone held a door open rather than rushing on with their day.

There has never been someone who was not important, and there never will be someone who is not important.

So you don’t get to say that some piece of skin needs to die.

Honestly you should be ashamed that you said that.

Because there is going to be someone out there that believes you.

Someone who’s going to say to themselves: “You know what? They’re right.”

And who knows what will happen. Suddenly they’re making poor decisions and one day someone they love, that loves them, could find them dead.

A life that was infinitely important cut short. Snuffed out.

All because someone told them they weren’t worth it. They were just a piece of skin, a worthless piece of skin (based on ONE interaction mind you), that needed to die.

Please, don’t ever be that person. Because you, no matter who you are, no matter if you’ve known them for their whole life or three days, no matter if you’ve lived with them since they were a baby or even for two months, no matter if they’re your best friend or worst enemy, you have NO RIGHT to tell someone that they’re worthless. 


I’m very serious, actually.

See, you have no idea, even if you think you do, of what living that person’s life is like. So don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that you can judge and make such weighty decisions about them, no matter how long you’ve known them.

Just typing “don’t judge” into Google gave me over 700 million hits, of course I can’t tell you how many images, but I found a new one. There’s any number of quotes that I could have used, so here’s one that even just picking it out applies to our lesson today.



I think that if you really let that sink in, you’d come to understand that you can’t really blame anyone from one interaction. Nor could you really judge them at all. To be totally honest, it’s not possible for you to ever learn someone’s full story.

That doesn’t mean don’t try.

You need to try. And when you do, I guarantee that you’ll find you hate them a little less. That doesn’t mean that you’ll excuse what they do, those things that are actually rude, nor should you…but don’t ever let those times when you only see what they do, and no nothing else about them, inform a split second decision to hate them and spew hate about them.

All of this because I saw a post on Facebook today where a guy was bumping into an elderly man and rushing him. Now I have no connection to this at all, nor do I know the situation. BUT while although it was rude of him to do what it’s purported that he did…that is no excuse to spread his picture and pain a negative image of him in the public eye.

Perhaps his daughter was at home sick.

Perhaps his son was injured and he was in a hurry.

Perhaps his significant other was panicking for some reason.

Perhaps his parents were being rushed to the hospital.


You don’t know his story, nor do I. So we have no reason to judge him beyond the fact that he was supposedly rude. Do not ever call him a sorry waste of skin as the original poster did. Because I guarantee that if you were in a rush, you might be or might have been more than a little rude eh? But you had a reason.

My guess, and I can’t prove it in any way, is that he had a reason. Does that excuse his supposed actions? Nope. But you need to lighten your reaction. Understand that just be cause he was rude does not mean he doesn’t deserve to exist.

Just because someone is rude to you, doesn’t mean that you get the right to declare that they are worthless and/or should die.

Because everyone is worthy. There has never been someone, even in my short twenty three years of life, who has not been important.


Playing Catch Up

Well, it has been a long time since you’ve heard from me!

I’m terribly sorry about that.

But I do have great news to share should you want to hear!

But we both know you’re going to hear about it anyways don’t we. *insert cheeky smile*

Two major things.

First, I finally have my masters degree!

I’ve spent two long years, directly after my four long undergrad years, directly after my thirteen years for high school, junior high school, middle school, primary school, and preschool. My life has been made up of school. That’s it.

And right now, for the first time in a long time, I have no school coming up. And quite frankly, it’s kind of scary. But at the same time, I’m ready to have a full time job. Which means a pay check. Which means benefits. Which means stability that I haven’t had in a long time.

I’m honestly very excited about this phase of my life because I get to use everything I’ve learned, but also I get to strike out on my own. I’m excited and ready to venture out and begin to build a career. I know that I’m planning on getting a doctoral degree at some point, so having some experience will be a benefit before I work towards something related to Educational Policy or something similar.

It has been a long time and I’ve worked very hard to get here.

And second, within a couple of weeks, I’m going to be a published author!

My first novel is currently at the proof stage and being read by some sample readers. Once they give their approval, and I check it over to make sure that there are no big issues with the way it looks, it’s a go. I click that the proof is okay, and it’s off to be sold on the interwebs and I instantly become an overnight success!


Well maybe not an overnight success.

Except in my own eyes of course. This is one of those things that I’ve wanted to do since I’ve been in 10th grade. So, in my eyes, I’m an overnight success. It has been one of my lifetime goals, in my short 23 years so far, that I have pursued and accomplished. So here’s to me!

Of course, I want you all to be able to read my masterpiece. Once it goes live, I’ll be posting some links here to allow for everyone to purchase them.

I want to tell you all that I’ll hopefully be writing some more posts (I think I make that promise a bit too often sometimes!). I have one that I’m still mulling over in my mind, so most likely you’ll see something posted about that particular post. I can’t give away any of those ideas just yet! For now, you’ll have to wait and enjoy what you can!

How to handle Fred Phelps’ Death

So by now if you haven’t heard…Fred Phelps had died.

And in case you haven’t been paying attention for the past who knows how many years, he was the leader of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.

The Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for protesting soldiers funerals, their vehement opposition to the LGBTQ community, and most recently a Lorde concert. They have spread so much hatred that even Christians dislike them.

So, now that Fred Phelps has died…what should our response be?\

A couple responses that I found on twitter:

“That awkward moment, when you’re ecstatic someone’s dead. Burn in hell you worthless piece of trash. #FredPhelps”

“Having a no good, rotten day? Well #FredPhelps is dead. So you got that going for ya.”

I’m not going to go much further, because much to my surprise there was more loving and positive posts than I expected.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I will not in any way defend what Fred Phelps or the Westboro Baptist Church does. They have done/do some pretty terrible things. Awful, hate-filled, and despicable things.

But I will defend their humanity. They are humans, just as lost, struggling, and pain-experiencing as the rest of us. So to that end, I submit that we show them love.

Even when you were at your worst, someone has shown you love. So I submit that even when they are consistently at their worst, show them love. For love conquers all.

Please set up your voicemail

So in my internship, I’m making phone calls.

I hate phone calls.

I can and will make them.

But for goodness sake, if you have a voice mail box or an answering machine, set it up. It’s hard for me to call a number and ensure that I’m getting to the right person. And I find it frustrating. Similarly employers are going to find it just as difficult.

In this day and age, our contact and speech is quick, to the point, and very often does not involve actually talking to someone. Talking in person has become a rarity, and is now really awkward for many. Our world is quite often filled with “lol” and “brb” and “ty” and “ttyl” and so on. Our language has quickly been reduced to shorthand that everyone is expected to know.

But to actually hold a full conversation is quite difficult. I find it very frustrating when I interact with others whom lack the ability to hold a conversation, and I find myself frustrated when I cannot hold a conversation. All of this to say, when I call someone on the phone, I want to hear a message that tells me who you are, and not just something that says “Five one eight two three two seven four six nine, is not available.” That explains nothing to me, nor does it help.

Just a late night thought. I want to be sure that I’m going to reach the person I’m trying to reach just like your future employer will want to.