Christ is All.

I think that it’s critical that we realize this fact:

Jesus Christ is it.

Take a couple minutes to ponder that, let it sink in. I know I’m still not there yet. I briefly glanced at an article over at illuminate, the link leads directly to the article I was looking at, and I got to what Jamal labels as reality #1:

Reality #1: Jesus Christ is not just the means to a different end , rather He is the means and He is the end Himself.

If you jump over to the article and read it, Jamal lays it out in a much better format than I ever will. I suggest you go read the article.

But what I really want to say is this: I myself still consider Jesus a means to an end. It’s getting less and less, but I catch myself sometimes. I don’t think I’ll ever fully escape the system that I was raised in, namely that the salvation of man is God’s main purpose, but by the grace of God, he’s bringing me out of it.

I’m realizing more and more just how Jesus is it.

When He’s talking about being the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, it makes more sense. He’s it. If we move past Him, we’re in dangerous territory.

Jesus is the foundation, that is true, but He is also the walls, the ceiling and the capstone. Everything, EVERYTHING is about Him. When we become consumed with Him as He is consumed with us:

  • Doctrines don’t matter.
  • Denominations don’t matter.
  • Theological disputes don’t matter.
  • Different opinions don’t matter.

What is my doctrine then? (I know someone will ask…)


What is my denomination?


What is my theological ground?


What is my opinion on the rapture? the tribulation? baptism? abortion? legalism? praying in tongues? contemporary worship? the Catholic church? denominations? etc.

The list goes on and on…my opinion though, for all of those?

Read the following statement closely:

I. Don’t. Care. Anymore. 

My heart has caught a revelation of the true Christ, the passion of the Living God, and since then, I have not been satisfied. I care only about Jesus. I will not argue for or against any of the things listed above. My heart longs for living water, and that doesn’t come from the rapture, tribulation, different forms of baptism, abortion, legalism, or any of the other things. The living water comes from Christ, and Christ alone.

Catch a glimpse of the true Christ, and you’ll wonder why you never knew Him before. He is not a means to an end. He IS the end.


His Plan

So, here’s the major shocker…and this is going to upset almost every person that reads this.

God’s plan and purpose is not the salvation of man.

It includes the salvation of man, but it’s not just the salvation of man. He has a much bigger, much more grand and glorious plan.

His eternal purpose, to use Paul’s language from Ephesian’s, is his plan. So what is his plan? Well, I’m going to lay it out quickly in this post, and then in the next few posts, really dive into it and examine it, so please hold your comments until later. Or post them. But realize that I’m probably not going to respond to them because the next few posts will most likely do that.

Anyways, God’s eternal purpose, we know He has one because there are four chapters in the Bible in which there is absolutely no sin. None whatsoever. Why are there four chapters with no sin if God’s ultimate plan is the salvation of man? Simple, because the salvation of man is not his ultimate plan. It’s not his eternal purpose. His eternal purpose is four fold:

That’s it. That’s his eternal purpose. Go ahead, take your Bible and really search it. You’ll come to realize why the most often used metaphors were about brides and bridegrooms. You’ll realize why the apostles were always calling each other brother and sister. You’ll realize why God’s always concerned with his temple. It’s because of his eternal purpose!

It should be a real joy to know that God has a much bigger plan than just to save us from hell! And, do you want the real kicker? We don’t even go to heaven. Go ahead, look at Revelation 21 and 22, God brings heaven to us. Not because we deserve it, but because he is so gracious and humble toward us that even after our redemption, he is still coming to us.

I say praise be to the One who’s ways are certainly and unequivocally higher than ours…because we stop once we’re free from hell, and never think about what God wants. Or the fact that God could possibly want something more than us being saved from our sin.

But thanks be to Him that he does!!

To Know Him

My one desire is to know Him. For too long I have wandered in Christianity chasing after a shallow Jesus. Chasing after a God whose ultimate purpose was to save people and bring them to heaven.

I’m about to burst a few bubbles here. The God of the Bible, yeah, His ultimate purpose is not to save people from their sins. He has a much bigger, much more grand purpose. Oh, and by the way, when we die, we don’t actually go to heaven. We never really go to heaven. In all reality, our God is so in love with us, that if you look carefully at Revelation 22, you’ll notice that He comes to us. Not because we’re more important than him, but because he just loves us that much!

I’ve given up chasing after a God that is shallow. I’ve given up all those good causes to stand up for, I’ve given up reading scripture everyday, praying everyday, and giving money to the “church.” You know why? Cause those things make you a “good Christian.” I’m about to say something that I’m sure will upset some people…I follow Jesus. But I could go the next ten years, and not open my Bible once, not say a single prayer, not give any money, nor go to “church” every week, and you know what…Jesus wouldn’t love me any less.

He would love me just the same. The reality is, a lot of what we see today in Christianity is based on head knowledge of Jesus, and not heart knowledge. We do these things because if we don’t then we’re not Christian.

Then how to do you explain that when I went an entire summer without going to “church” once and still learnt from God.

There’s a bigger reality out there. Something much bigger than what we’re used to, or have ever known. We’ve been cheated out of Jesus. It’s actually very sad, I have found myself being heartbroken about it. The fact that we settle for something less than Jesus. But we do, I did. Now though, I’m moving out of it. I’m moving past it. I’ve tasted the real Jesus, and I haven’t ever been able to satisfy that hunger that it gave me.