To Know Him

My one desire is to know Him. For too long I have wandered in Christianity chasing after a shallow Jesus. Chasing after a God whose ultimate purpose was to save people and bring them to heaven.

I’m about to burst a few bubbles here. The God of the Bible, yeah, His ultimate purpose is not to save people from their sins. He has a much bigger, much more grand purpose. Oh, and by the way, when we die, we don’t actually go to heaven. We never really go to heaven. In all reality, our God is so in love with us, that if you look carefully at Revelation 22, you’ll notice that He comes to us. Not because we’re more important than him, but because he just loves us that much!

I’ve given up chasing after a God that is shallow. I’ve given up all those good causes to stand up for, I’ve given up reading scripture everyday, praying everyday, and giving money to the “church.” You know why? Cause those things make you a “good Christian.” I’m about to say something that I’m sure will upset some people…I follow Jesus. But I could go the next ten years, and not open my Bible once, not say a single prayer, not give any money, nor go to “church” every week, and you know what…Jesus wouldn’t love me any less.

He would love me just the same. The reality is, a lot of what we see today in Christianity is based on head knowledge of Jesus, and not heart knowledge. We do these things because if we don’t then we’re not Christian.

Then how to do you explain that when I went an entire summer without going to “church” once and still learnt from God.

There’s a bigger reality out there. Something much bigger than what we’re used to, or have ever known. We’ve been cheated out of Jesus. It’s actually very sad, I have found myself being heartbroken about it. The fact that we settle for something less than Jesus. But we do, I did. Now though, I’m moving out of it. I’m moving past it. I’ve tasted the real Jesus, and I haven’t ever been able to satisfy that hunger that it gave me.


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