A Bride for the Son

In Genesis, we see God create a man. And man is all alone. God sees this, and declares that “It is not good for man to be alone.”

We know that Adam and almost all of the Old Testament is just a shadow of Christ. Jesus is often called the New Adam.

Does it make sense for Adam to be a shadow of Jesus? Yes? Then why would Adam have a bride and not Christ?

Jesus does. This is exactly why the Church is called the Bride of Christ.

Let’s take a little bunny trail for a couple minutes…

Way back in the beginning, Adam wandered around endlessly. He searched long and over great distances for someone like him. But he couldn’t find anyone like him. He was alone.
So God did something, he put Adam into a deep sleep. Quite possibly the first time Adam had ever slept. Adam tasted of something he had never known.
While Adam slept, God worked, he split Adam’s side, and pulled from inside of him, a bone. Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone, he fashioned Adam a bride. A bride for the bridegroom.
We fast forward, and we see the Bridegroom arrive. He looks and looks and cannot find another like Him. A bride with His life, after all, the Father hasn’t wanted Him to remain alone. The Father wants a bride for his Son.
Finally the moment comes, and the Father puts Jesus into a deep sleep. The deepest sleep of all, the only sleep that we know Jesus never experienced on earth, death. And if you remember, a Roman soldier pierced His side. From inside of Jesus, the Father pulled out a bride. Spirit of His Spirit. A bride for the Bridegroom.

You see, the Church is so much more than a people that God redeemed to save from hell. The Church is a bride. All the bride/bridegroom talk, it’s not just an analogy or metaphor.

It’s a reality.

We as a part of the Church are a part of the Bride of Christ. We are a chosen people that He has put on display because of how sure He is of us, and of His redeeming power in us.

And do you know what the awesome part is? There’s even more to this than we realize. In a later series, we’ll step through the entire life of Jesus, and I’ll point out just how real this bride/bridegroom thing is. Did you know that Jesus re-enacted a Jewish marriage ceremony while He was here on earth? He did.

This is a reality, one that we all to often dismiss and pass off as a mere analogy. An analogy that helps us to understand how God relates to us…well it can be seen as an analogy, but it goes much deeper than that. It passes from being an analogy to being a reality. One that we need to recognize.

The Father wanted a bride for His Son. This is only one thing that we see, and already the salvation of man being God’s reason for creating is shallow. His creating was inspired by reasons far deeper than what we thought. Let us return to sit at His feet.

I encourage you, read and study this out. Don’t just take my word for it. Ask God to reveal this to you, and you’ll be amazed at what else he reveals!


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