A House for the Father

The Father has always desired a place to dwell and live.

I can remember the verse:

Thus says the LORD, “Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest?”

The Father longs for a house, a place to dwell and rest. He had that in the Garden. He walked with Adam in the evening. But then we screwed it up, got cast out and have been ever since. You see, the Father created so that he could dwell with us, not just to save us.

So after man is cast out from the Garden, God has lost his dwelling place on the earth. There’s something interesting that I’ve heard, and it appears to be true, but I have not had enough time to fully research it, but when the there exists a place on earth that God himself has established, he is called the Lord of heaven and earth. And when there is no place that he has established on the earth, he is only considered the Lord of heaven. This is interesting in part because earth is Satan’s realm. And we as the Bride of Christ are a beach-head for a heavenly invasion. But more on that later. You’ll come to understand what I mean by that.

Let’s take another bunny trail for a few moments…

Way back in the Garden, God walked among man. He had walked next to him. And then man sinned. So man was cast out of the Garden, and the dwelling place of God was closed off to man.
One of the first unveiling’s of God’s dwelling place was given to Moses. Yep, the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was a dwelling place for God. A place where God came and dwelt among his people. But he was closed off. The people were still under the curse of sin, and he was couldn’t look on them yet. But he could dwell near them because of the blood sprinkled on the altar and the Ark of the Covenant. So the Father sat on the mercy seat. The people would know of his presence because a pillar of fire would fall on the Most Holy place. A pillar of fire would fall on the Ark. It purified the Ark, and allowed for God to dwell or rest there.
But the Father wasn’t satisfied. This Tabernacle of Moses was merely an image of what he truly desired. So it got bigger. We see the Temple of Solomon. This temple was apparently so splendorous and glorious that even the men wept at the image of it. One of the remarkable things about this temple, it was held up by friction. Every stone was cut in such a way that there was no need for mortar or cement. The Temple of Solomon was marvelous, and it to was purified by God, fire burned from God and made his dwelling place pure.
But the Father wasn’t satisfied. This Temple of Solomon was still merely an image of what he truly desired. So it got bigger. We see the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit falls on disciples, and tongues of fire appear over their heads. God’s temple is still growing.
But the Father isn’t done building. We have in the future, a new heaven, and a new earth. But we also have a new garden coming as well.

You see, the Father has been constantly growing his dwelling place. It is no mistake that Paul mentions that we as the Church are a temple. A tabernacle, if you will, for him. We are a dwelling place for the Father.

This is absolutely incredible! It’s not enough that we are a Bride for the Son, but also a home for the Father? This truly is a greater reason for creating than the salvation of man! That God has a much bigger plan than our happiness, it seems so normal that we instantly rule it out. We want to make him more complex than He is. He loves and desires to make us happy, but we will become even more happy and joyful when we catch a glimpse of his plans.

When we see his glorious plans come to fruition, we’ll be astonished and shocked at how silly our plans for him seemed. And  you know what else, there is still two more reasons that God created, is it possible that it gets better?

It does. The Father wants a home, a bride for the Son, and there’s still more…what a God.


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