A Body for the Son

So far we’ve seen that God’s purpose in creating was a Bride for the Son, and a house for the Father.

Now we come to the third part of this eternal purpose as Paul calls it. The third reason why God created: a body for the Son.

If you recall, when Jesus was resurrected, He became a life giving spirit. Being a life giving spirit, He had no physical presence. If we think about this, we realize that because He is God, He was able to be physically here, and yet not physically here.

When He ascended, He was no longer physically on the earth, but He is indeed present, even now.

Whenever the Church assembles, He is present. He is the head of the Body. The Body is the Church. When the Church is truly functioning, and every person is contributing, Christ is made visible to the world.

A lot of times, we wish that we could just see more of Christ in the world, or perhaps we wish that Christ would show himself to the world more. The reality is that we have stifled Him. Because we have become more and more passive, more and more willing to let other people lead, the Body of Christ is losing our presence. We are becoming a spectator to the entire thing. I’ve been a spectator for a long time. Jesus is bringing me out of my spectator zone and more into the arena.

The more we stand by as a spectator, the less we are acting as a Body. We talk about ministry heads, people who are “gifted” at what they do…this is something that stifles Jesus. I’m not saying that these people aren’t good at what they are doing, but the reality is we’re partitioning the Body.

The Body of Christ is a divinely designed organism to breath Jesus into the world. We cannot reflect Jesus individually, but we can reflect Him corporately.

Often times in the New Testament, when Paul writes the word “you,” he’s really talking about the group, the Body at that particular place. You see, the English language doesn’t account for the use of a plural form of  “you”  like many other foreign languages do. In French the words for “you” are “tu” if you’re talking to just one person, and “vous” if you’re talking to a group of people. The lack of a plural form of “you” in the English language has tarnished some of the beauty of Paul’s letters. When Paul talks in Ephesians 6 about the armor of God, he’s not talking about “tu,” he’s talking about “vous.” That brings a whole new meaning to the passage. And it’s like that all over the place in the New Testament!

You see, the Body is a reason that God created, not just the salvation of man, but he created so that his Son, after His sacrifice and resurrection and concurrent transformation into a life giving spirit, could have a way to express and reveal Himself to the world!

God’s purposes are so much higher and marvelous than ours, and there’s still another reason for God’s motivation to create! He just keeps going and going. But I thank Him that he didn’t create merely for our salvation.


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