What God Really Wants us to Do

I know where God is leading me. Just a simple love for Him. I read some A.W. Tozer a while back. From his book The Pursuit of God, there were several quotes that really stood out to me. I’m sure you’ll see a few posts on parts of that book. For now though, a simple quote:

For it is not mere words that nourish the soul, but God Himself, and unless and until the hearers find God in personal experience they are not better for having heard the truth. The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God, that they may enter into Him, that they may delight in His Presence, may taste and know the inner sweetness of the very God Himself in the core and center of their hearts.

This quote is by no means simple. Sorry for misleading you. This quote is incredibly rich…it speaks to why we, as Christ followers, need to learn God ourselves. Studying scripture isn’t incredibly helpful. It truly is just a way to bring man into a close connection with God Himself. After all, He is the Word.

That being said, read the scriptures when God calls to you. Because He will expose himself to you in such a rich way that it will astound you and leave you speechless. I’ve had that happen quite often. It constantly surprises me, and yet never really does. The fact that he keeps revealing Himself in new ways always gets me, but I never get surprised that I can know Him in a new way.

Remember though, the Bible is not the finish line. Is it helpful, but it is only a way to connect to God. The author, Jean Guyon, of another great little book, “Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ,” put it this way:

In “beholding the Lord,” you come to the Lord in a totally different way. First, read a passage of Scripture. Once you sense the Lord’s presence, the content of what you have read is no longer important. The Scripture has served its purpose; it has quieted your mind; it has brought you to Him.

The way that she puts it, is that Scripture is used to usher us into God’s presence. Once there, we let God minister. I believe that too often we take Scripture and read into it. We try to dissect it, and decipher it. What does it mean? What is God trying to say here? The list of questions could go on and on.

What if, just once, we read the Bible, and instead of trying to interpret it, we let it speak to us? God would astound us, and show us connections where before we saw none. What if we let it usher us into God’s presence?

I believe, and also experiencing this myself, that if we would just use the Scriptures to get a glimpse of God, that He would leap out of the pages. We would begin to see him everywhere; it would be an actual experience, and not just head knowledge. We would begin to allow God to be the center, to be the top dog. He would have first place, and you know what…he would teach us not about rules, and regulations.

He would not teach us to read the Word every day, nor pray every day, nor evangelize; the list goes on and on.

What He would teach us, is to love.

He would teach us to love so thoroughly and so unconditionally that we would begin to surprise ourselves.

And through love, all those things that “good Christians” do, they would just begin to happen. It would not be forced.

I cannot wait for the day when all the Christians around me realize this. When they realize that love, that’s it. If you love, all other things will flow forth. After all, Jesus did say to seek out the Kingdom of God. Oh wait, that verse continues. “Continually seek the kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. ”

Jesus is the Kingdom. By seeking out Jesus, by just loving God, all these good things will be given to us. An appetite for God’s presence, being led into His presence by the scriptures. Spending time in prayer with Him, touching the Father’s heart.

What does God really want us to do? Love Him.

If we love him, all else will follow. 


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