The Garden to the City – Part 2

The tree of life was present in the garden, this tree was God’s un-created divine life, the life that if we partook of it, would give us divine life. This is something that is astonishing.

We lost it, and yet, through Jesus, the Bread of Life, we can now partake of his un-created life! This tree of life, is a remarkable thing, it allows us to become a part of the Bride.

This river in Eden, this river is a picture of Jesus as the Living Water. Just as the river flowed out to water the entire earth, so does the Living Water become a source for us, it becomes a well of refreshing relief.

Going even deeper, if we look at the three materials present, we see gold, bdellium or pearl, and onyx or precious stones. Gold is representative of the divine nature of God. This divine nature, we get it when we come to know God. The pearl, it’s the work of Jesus. The precious stones will represent the works that God has done in us. These things are remarkable in their own respects.

The gold in us is produced by the Father’s constant work on us. The way that he transforms us, through his purifying fire, the gold is worked out of us. Just as an oyster suffers to create a pearl, so does the Son’s suffering create pearls in us. The painful process that an oyster endures in creating a pearl, it’s akin to the work of Jesus on the cross. He was a grain of sand, unnoticed by everyone, and through the suffering for all of humanities sin, became a pearl. The precious stones, they represent the spiritual works that God does in us.

Do you remember that rainbow bead bracelet, the one with the black, red, white, blue, green, and gold beads? That’s similar to the idea of the precious stones. These stones are seen all over the place in the Scriptures. They are critical to the work that God does in us.


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