What is this obsession? It’s late at night, and yet I continue to be obsessed with the Light. I’m excited about this journey, and where He’s taking me. Revealing all sorts of things to me constantly.

That short series I wrote, The Garden to the City, it’s only the beginning of the riches of the Scriptures. I’m still learning this. The Bible meant a lot to me when I first became a Christian. I devoured it. I studied it, memorized some verses, it was a rule book to be followed. I seriously did have that mind set.

That’s the mindset that a lot of Christians have. The Bible is their life source, the thing they study when they want to meet God. That is however the wrong mindset. The right mindset, the Bible is just a book. It has no power in and of itself. The word gets its power and authority from the Word. If we try and take the Bible without reading it through the lens of the Word, without reading it through Jesus, it loses it’s power. It loses it’s meaning. But when we start reading, looking for Jesus…oh…my…word…you would have never realized just how amazing the Scriptures are. Now, I read because I want to read it, not to be a good Christian…or because I should. I want to now.

I am not a Christian. I am a Christ Follower. I follow Jesus Christ and no other. I read many, many different sources and books and blogs and such things, and Christ has exploded to me. The Jesus I knew when I was a Christian was but a shadow of the real Jesus.

He was and is the same Jesus, but I really did get a watered down version of him. Now that I’m seeing just how pre-eminent He is…*phew* let me tell you, it’s astounding. I thought I had it all nailed down with the Garden, you know, Jesus being the tree of Life, the river flowing out, and the gold, pearl, and precious stones. Nope. That’s not it. Jesus was the Garden itself! He is the God-Man. The dwelling place of God and of man. We are in Him, just as God is in Him. A beautiful picture of the Garden, one of the only few places where God and man dwelt together. The Garden itself is Jesus (Thanks to Jamal for this insight and inspiration).

The amazing depth of God’s obsession with his Son only leads me to realize how obsessed he must be with us. I mean he gave up Jesus so that we might be redeemed. His obsession with us is crazy. But in the end, it’s really to Jesus’ glory, and so God’s obsession comes full circle, back to Jesus just as it should.

His obsession with the Son, it drives my obsession with the Son. I really want to explore the depths of this obsessed Father. I want to explore the depths and riches of this amazing Son that he is obsessed with. I mean, why else would absolutely everything be in Him, for Him, through Him, and to Him? This is a crazy obsession, and I want in.


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