Catch a Glimpse of Jesus

I’ve heard lots of stories about people “burning out.” They’re able to go all out for a little while, and then it just doesn’t work anymore. They go through a constant cycle of getting fired up for God, and then losing steam, only to get fired up again sometime later.

This most certainly isn’t the way it was meant to be. I myself used to constantly go through that cycle. But there is a way out. Only if you want out though, because it’s not easy. It’s a process that takes a lot of faith, and trust in God. A lot more than the get fired up, burn out, and get fired up again method.

This method, this way out, it requires absolute faith in God, and believing, truly believing, that God is all you’ll need. You won’t need evangelism, you won’t need missions, you won’t need prayer, you won’t need the Bible, you won’t need those things. All you’ll ever need is Jesus.

That’s it.

It’s so difficult for those of us in the western world because we think we need all those things. We’ve never been stripped of those freedoms. We’ve never been reduced to Jesus alone. To God alone.

You see, it takes so much faith because we have to believe that we can know God without those things. That we can know God just by himself. And let me tell you, once we know God for who he is. Just Jesus for who He is…you’ll never burn out again.

God lets you see a glimpse of who he really is, and you’re captured forever. Nothing really satisfies you except for Him. Nothing else matters except for Him. Nothing else can even compare.

When you catch a glimpse of the Father and his heart through the Son…you will never be the same.

When you catch a glimpse of the Father and what he wants to achieve…you’ll be speechless, dumbstruck, and in absolute wonder. The Father’s heart is so much richer and deeper and purposeful that just to save us.

Catch a glimpse of him, and you’ll never burn out. He will be on your lips constantly.

You won’t have to evangelize, you won’t have to pray, you won’t have to read the Bible, you won’t have to go on missions.

You catch a glimpse of Jesus and His beauty and splendor, and you won’t be able to cease singing His wonders, you won’t be able to stop yourself from talking about Him, you’ll devour the Scriptures, you’ll learn to change the world by affecting the people immediately around you. You’ll create a chain reaction.

Catch a glimpse of Jesus and your world will be turned upside down, you’ll have a new love for people all around you. You won’t judge, you’ll mourn with those who are mourning, you’ll laugh with those who are laughing, you’ll love like you’ve never loved before.

People will be shocked, and confused, just enough for the love of this God to capture them, and carry them to him. A love that is so radical, that our renewed love for people pales in comparison. A love so radical that it’s irrational. It’s crazy, reckless, and absurd. But it’s true and it’s for you. It’s for them to, but the Father is so reckless in his abandon for us that we cannot place limits on it. When we think He won’t go any further, COULDN”T go any further…he does. We run and run, and yet He’s always ahead of us.

Catch a glimpse of Jesus, a real glimpse of Jesus, the Father through Jesus, you’ll never be the same. You’ll want nothing but Jesus, and Jesus alone. All else will fade away as we watch him.

So be it.


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