In the Deep of Winter

There is always something about God that amazes me. And one day last semester at Clarkson, (Spring 2011 for reference) I was coming back from the gym. Yes, the gym, one place I used to be completely confident you would never catch me leaving or going to.

Anyways, back on track here…I was coming back from the gym, and it was snowing. Not like the heavy, “Holy crap it’s a blizzard” snow, nor the “Oh hey look it’s snowing a little” snow. But a snow in between. One where the snow was coming down at a steady rate, and just falling “straight” down, I mean there was no wind basically.

And suddenly I was caught up by God. Right there, just walking. I wasn’t doing anything special, and God just started speaking silently (that appears to contradict itself, but I assure he can very easily speak silently). And then with what he showed me, my brain started racing. You want to know what he showed me?

The snow. On this particular day, God spoke and showed me the snow. Two things immediately come to mind. One came on that day, and the second came to me just now as I’m writing this.

He had me watch the snow in 3D. Now I know what you might be thinking, we see everything in 3D. Yup, we do. But he showed me the snow and the space in between each flake. He showed me how he orchestrated the way the snowflakes fell down to the earth. He showed me how every flake was in its own world, its own journey that played into the bigger story, the bigger journey of blanketing the campus in white.

I just realized something else, this will be a brief side note. I enjoy the rain because it seems to rejuvenate me. It refreshes me in a way that only rain can. The only thing that refreshes me more than rain is God. And when he refreshes I’m always in awe.  Also I enjoy winter because it is a constant reminder of God’s covering. It brings me a fresh revelation of the way that he looks at us.

And that brings me to my second point, the one that just came to me. God uses the natural world to constantly remind us of what he’s done. I look at the snow, and just walking back through it, the soft crunch under my foot reminds me. It reminds me who I am, where I walk.

It convicts me immensely, knowing that I am writing this, and recalling that day, God’s working in me.

I know that in my head, I walk in safety. I walk under the shelter of the Most High, and from his safety I can never be taken.

But I can leave.

And that’s what I’ve done. I’ve left the shelter of the Most High numerous times in my journey, and even recently. But there’s always something about God that amazes me, and his willingness to bring me back is one such thing.

When I committed myself to Jesus, and became a Christ follower, he made an irrevocable change. He did the same for you as well. Walking over the snow, and through the snow reminds me.

I have been made pure in his sight. I have been made holy, blameless, and perfect in his sight. Never again can I return to being unholy, never again can I be blamed, never again can I be less than perfect. In his sight, you are pure, holy, blameless, and perfect.

In the ultimate paradox, by being washed by red, I have been turned white. Being washed by the blood, caused me to become white as snow.

Just as God orchestrates the fall of the snowflakes, how they tumble through the air, and where they land, so he orchestrates the history of this world. He has been patiently at work since before time existed creating history, creating his story.


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