His Story in Me Part 3

So my semester continued on. I ended up going to CFC and making it “my” home. Knowing what I know now, I hesitate to call it that, but we’ll come to that in time. CFC was a great place, still is. Coming from a United Methodist body of perhaps 30 people to a non-denominational body of perhaps 400 was quite a change. It was one that I adapted to well though. I got to know  some people, and meet others. I met people whom I’m sure will be life-long friends. There was a family in CFC that put on spaghetti dinners for all of the college students, the Daniel’s family, and I’m not gonna lie, I put off going for as long as I could.

I still couldn’t stand meeting new people. It just wouldn’t work. I didn’t like it, and I figured they wouldn’t like me.

One of the first Sunday’s, Clarkson had dorm wars, quite the time actually. All of the freshman floors got together and competed against each other in various events. I had gone to CFC that morning, and two others were there as well and they needed rides directly back to Clarkson so that they could go to the dorm wars as well. Ben and Brian, I didn’t really know them at the time and it was mildly awkward to say the least.

I continued to go to the cell group that was held Thursday nights. I became friends with the guys in the group, people that I could really talk to and hang out with. Somehow I made it through the semester, heading back and forth from Clarkson to home and from home to Clarkson. It wasn’t easy because I was still attached to home. I still cried every time I drove away. I still missed my family very much.

I became friends with Ben Salisbury, on a merely “Hey-how’s-it-going?” basis. We would see each other at cell group and on Sunday’s, that’s it. We didn’t really talk otherwise. Merely associated because he was a familiar face.

I went through a tough time with not knowing anyone. But I managed to make some friends on my own. Chris Lane, Jamie Davis, Brian Roscoe, and some others. It wasn’t easy, but it was an interesting experience for sure. I enjoyed all of it.

By the end of November, the winter was beginning to set in. It was definitely getting chilly. That’s to say the very least, exactly why I called it the tundra. We eventually got to finals week, and with four finals, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and I believe Thursday. It was a tough semester but I made it through. I went back home, and enjoyed a delightful Christmas. And then, the second semester began.


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