Recovery and a New Life

Holy cow, it’s been a long time. I’ve been really busy with the end of the semester here at school, and just haven’t found time to write a post. With that, it’s only 5 official week days until the end of my semester!! WOOO!!! Oh, and this turned out to be a very long post. But hey, if you’ve started you might as well finish reading it right?

After that, I shall hopefully be finishing my series “His Story in Me” and writing some other posts. Anyways, now to finish a post that I started on November 23…


The human body is remarkable. I’m thoroughly impressed by the remarkableness of the body. The way that it is able to recover and work back towards it’s prior strength and stability levels. The way that it functions even when someone is incredibly overweight, it tries and tries to take care of itself.

My grandfather just had major surgery, arteries cleaned out, a valve replaced in his heart, and an aneurysm removed. Major surgery to say the least. A 3 to 4 hour surgery almost three weeks ago that ended up taking nearly 9 hours. I had to leave early, and so I didn’t get to see him come out of surgery, but I saw him yesterday (actually on November 22). And while although he’s definitely not at the same strength level he was before the surgery, I can say that it’s very interesting to see his recovery. Here is an old man who is proud and very independent, who was humbled in a very unpleasant way.

A man who has always been incredibly strong, and now we see him at his weakest. I didn’t really know what to say when I saw him yesterday. A nurse was working on him, and the first words out of him were “that’s my grandson.” Well, apparently he’s recognizing people, which is a good thing. And he got to eat something other than jello for the first time for lunch as far as I know. He was beginning to feed himself, and it was a mixture between painful and interesting to watch. He had walked earlier that day, and perhaps later as well. He was soon to be moved out of the ICU.

He moved out of the ICU on November 23 or 24. I don’t quite remember which one. He recovered fairly well, started walking, and doing other such exciting things.

Yes, that's my gramps walking a little more than a week after the surgery.

And so he recovered really well from my point of view. I got the news on December 3 that he was home. No need for physical therapy. Quite impressive I’d say, but then again, I really don’t have anything to compare it to. Still, for a man who could barely feed himself when I saw him less than a week after surgery, to one who’s home with no foreseeable physical therapy, it seems like his determination to provide for his family is much stronger than his broken, or used to be broken, physical body.

This is kind of how I see things. My own body was killing me. I was 275lbs. Carrying so much weight, when my heaviest ideal weight is around 170 or so. I was hurting myself. My ambition to change and actually be healthy caused nearly 80lbs of weight loss. I’m grateful for every single pound I’ve lost because each pound I put on, and each pound I’ve taken off, it has made me who I am. I’ve realized that I want to do whatever I can to prepare myself for health issues. I want to guard myself against them as much as I humanly can, and the rest, I leave to God.

I never realized how much he was watching out for me. For my family. For people in general. In the spring of 2008, only a couple weeks before my graduation, my family and I were in a car accident. I was driving, and my brother was in the passenger seat. My grandmother and great aunt in the middle of the van, and my cousin in the very back. I looked up to see a vehicle lazily drifting across the road towards our side, and next thing I knew we were at a standstill, and everyone was coming out of some sort of daze.

We’d been hit.

The vehicle that hit us had crumpled the front passenger side of the vehicle, and careened off the side of the road, back on, and then across into the bank on the other side. The air bags had deployed, my grandmother and aunt weren’t wearing seat belts, but the rest of us were. We stumbled out of the car, and everyone was okay. We got to the side of the road, while vehicles just kept driving, almost ignoring the major accident that had just happened. We ended up shutting down the road for a good two hours or so. No one was hurt. We all got checked out, shaken up obviously, but completely unharmed. Not even a bruise from the seat belt, not even a scratch even though the passenger window shattered over my brother. I think the only physical reminder was a patch of irritated skin in the middle of my chest from the air bag deploying.

The man who had hit us, had told one person he had fallen asleep, told another person he had been drinking, and yet another person that he was high! Not to mention he jumped out of his car and hid his stash of pot under a nearby tree.

My mother forced me to drive away from this accident. Something that even though it annoyed me at the time, I’m thankful for it now.

God was watching out for me even then. Softening the blow of the accident. Something I never even asked for. He does that a lot for people who love Him, and know Him. He did it for people who don’t love Him nor know Him. He’s just that kind of God. A God that never ceases to amaze me with his unconditional love. Something that I want to display continually. An unconditional love for people. That is my reality, because I am loved with  an unconditional love.


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