Hate your Family

You know, it’s nights like tonight that make me realize what love is.

It’s 2am, sitting up listening to Christmas music with a faux fireplace playing on a monitor, sharing a pan of fresh brownies, talking with friends about nothing. A fresh snow coming down outside, a long walk in the brisk cold talking about the thing that intrigues me the most, tackling one of my roommates in the snow, snowball fights with absolutely miserable throws.

It’s love. Not the overwhelming kind, but the simple love that pours out from in me incessantly due to my encounter with the Living God.

This brings me to a second point. A lot of people take Luke 14:26 to be very literal. They think that in order to follow Christ, they need to hate their family with a passion. Now I don’t remember where I heard it, but I have come to the conclusion that Jesus’ message in that particular passage was different. His message:

You must love me so much, that all other love appears to be hatred. 

Now, doesn’t that shed new light on this love/hate thing. To love Him so much, that all other love, is still love, but looks like hate. That is a message I can believe in.


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