Home for the Holidays!

Well, now that I’m home for the holidays

…posting should resume!

…family fun shall be had!

…laser tag shall be played!

…friends shall be hung out with!

…stories shall be worked on!

…exercising most likely will begin again!

…cooking shall be done!

…rest shall be acquired!

…grad school stuff shall be worked on!

…24 shall be completely watched! (only two seasons left!)

…minecraft shall be built in!

…things shall be recycled/thrown out/cleaned up!

…life shall be lived!

…and He shall be loved.

I have quite the to-do list I think…but I’ll accomplish most if not all of it!

Also, a sneak peek at some posts that will be coming up,

  •      a series of articles on pop songs that have a meaning towards Christ followers,
  •      a continuation of the “His Story in Me” series,
  •      finding God in Harry Potter,
  •      most likely something else that hasn’t quite dawned on me yet as well.

For now, ciao, and enjoy your holidays!


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