Day in and day out. His love is a constant. It is the one thing in this world that will never change.

Always there, it is already a love beyond limits, and yet we can discover new aspects to it every single day. We see the effects, but never the source…after all, isn’t that a better way?

I think that if we were to see the source, we may be taken aback. He’s plain…and yet extraordinary. He’s commonplace…and yet takes first place in everything. He is man…and yet He is God.

His love, is vast as the ocean…deep as the ocean…wide as the ocean…and the ocean hides secrets. Places that no man has ever seen, let alone even dreamed of. His love, is constant excitement.

It will be a constant journey, let us remember that. For when we humans arrive at the end of time, there will still be more…for time is in Him. His love we will never fully comprehend it, and so we must settle to constantly learn more, because that is all we can do.


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