It’s Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!

It’s been an exciting day, I cooked almost the entire meal, with a lot of help from family of course! Actually, it was more like I tried to coordinate everything, and then we had a wonderful meal. Pretty much everyone who usually comes came, and joy was had.

When I woke today there was a small dusting of snow, not a lot, but a dusting, and it was great. Of course that means we will have a lot more snow soon. I didn’t get a lot, but then again I didn’t ask for a lot. Just gift cards, why? because I didn’t really have anything that I desperately wanted, nor anything that I vaguely could think of. As I woke up this morning I realized that I should have asked for Bananagrams. I particularly enjoy that game.

My family did however get me a season of the Big Bang Theory, a show that I am very much addicted to. The clever puns and witty science jokes, plus the quick-witted humor and strange quirks of Sheldon Cooper make me laugh every time.

Between laughter, and joy, I think we begin to catch a glimpse of love. We also receive bad news sometimes. Two people that I know passed away today, and while I am sad, I know that I’m not the only one who had friends pass away. For that, I’m truly sorry. I cannot explain such things, but only say that the Father is still in complete control. He is completely sovereign and all knowing. He has some greater story that we all play a part in. That being said, today is the day we celebrate remembering the birth of the Son. And we know that it was in the fullness of time that the Son was born.

Love came and rested on earth for approximately 33 years. And Love has been around ever since, it has always existed. Time is inside of Love. Be blessed knowing that Love is here…and never will leave. Let us treat our friends, family and even strangers with the love they do not deserve, for many do not deserve it, but to them it has always been given. Let us not discontinue that, let us carry on with full confidence that Love can change the world…and someday we will see that with our own eyes.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy your family today. Namaste, because you are worthy to be recognized.


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