New Posts, New Year

Well. It’s the end of 2011, and it’s been a great year for me. The one resolution/goal I set for 2011 was to get healthy, and I did. I’m not done just yet, but after weighing in at 193 lbs compared to the 275lbs I used to weigh, I’d say after about a year and a half, I’m much healthier.

I had lots of help along the way, from friends and from God. During my sophomore year at Clarkson, one of my friends told me that if I didn’t change, because of my weight my knees would eventually fail me. That summer, working with Upward Bound I met two students in the program who proceeded to inspire me to become healthy, and we became close friends. One of them told me how when he was in sixth grade, he saw where he was going, heading towards being fat, and changed. At first I was skeptical, was it really that easy?

Turns out it is. Only a little over a year later, I now weigh 193lbs, and my goal weight, unless I reach some point where I begin to feel unhealthy, is 165lbs. But I’m done with the massive caloric burns and high intensity exercises. I set myself a goal date of June 13, 2012 to reach my goal. It seems healthy as I still have a sufficient spare tire, even though no one would believe me with the way I look now. I’m very happy with my weight loss. But that’s not the only thing that’s happened.

During my junior year at Clarkson, a kid transferred in, and my first glance, he was a total health freak. Like legit, exercise every day, protein shakes, really healthy foods, humus, carrots, apples, bananas, whole grains, everything. The whole shebang. He never drank soda, I don’t think he even drinks juice. It’s protein shakes, skim milk, and water all the way.

Me? I was soda, water when I had to (mainly in classes cause I didn’t really want to bring soda in), milk with breakfast when I ate it, and juice when I didn’t want soda or water or milk. I was fries and tater tots, burgers, quesadillas, tacos, pasta, and grill foods. Just about anything unhealthy I ate, and if I ate anything healthy it was in unhealthy amounts.

Looking at me now, I’m surprised myself! I gave up soda September 2010. Cold turkey, as they say. I tried it in December 2010, and after just that short time of not drinking it, I was about ready to throw up. It tasted nasty to me. Repulsive. I have not drank it since.

I began to change my diet. Now when I say diet here, I mean what I ate. At no point did I go on a diet. I never restricted what I could and couldn’t eat, I simply changed what I ate. One step at a time. Choosing to go with an apple instead of chips. Something like that. And slowly I began to like healthier foods. How did that help? Well, I no longer felt obligated to choose the healthy options. It wasn’t like I felt guilty about what I ate because I didn’t give myself any restrictions. I just made a choice to eat better things.

Then after those things were in place, I began to exercise. Notice that. I didn’t start off exercising. That was the “last” step. Many people fail on their goals and resolutions to lose weight because they think that if they just start exercising it’ll all come off. I thought so too! But thanks to the health freak kid, I realized that I needed to change my diet too. And you know what happened? He doesn’t seem like such a healthy nut anymore.

I haven’t gone as far as protein shakes, but there is one shake that I tried and still have, it works. It’s Shakeology from Beachbody, and it really does work. Plus it tastes good. Besides those shakes though, whole wheat bread, skim milk, water, less beef, more fish, more chicken, it all works together and I feel fantastic!

When I really began to exercise, I did Insanity. And it was insane. I hurt, and I got stronger. It worked. I have actual definition on my arms. Albeit a small, small amount, but definition nonetheless. I have stronger legs, a better torso. I can see what I’ll look like without an absurd amount of fat.

I have more energy, actually want to play sports more, and can actually play sports. People actually tell me I look good from the amount of weight I’ve lost, some say I’m disappearing, some girls look at me again. All things that to me, have never really happened before. And I like it. I like not being the overweight, no, fat person I used to be. I was obese. In fact if you put any stock in the BMI, I wasn’t on it. It goes up to 35, I was somewhere above it. I was labeled severely obese.

But I took a leaf out of a close friend’s book. I saw where I was headed, and I changed.

Am I out of the woods yet? Not by any means…just yesterday I was talking with a close friend, and said something along the lines of

“Let’s go to American Eagle, mainly cause I can fit in the clothes now.”

And he reprimanded me replying, “That’s not even cool. That’s like a diss on yourself in the past. Not even cool.”

Whoa. Was not expecting that. Not from him. I suppose it just goes to show that I still have things to learn. I may not like my past, but I need to respect it because it’s made me who I am today. Without my past I would be where I am, nor who I am. And it goes to show that my close friends that I met in the summer of 2010, they keep inspiring me, and keep me in line. Those two are lifelong friends to me. After all they sorta helped save my life in respect to this health thing.

All this brings me to my goals/resolutions for 2012. And I only have two of them. I’ve noticed it’s easier to keep them if you only have a couple…makes sense right? I think it does.

  1. Become healthy – my journey here isn’t over by any means, that and I’m looking to make it a lifestyle change so I’m going to keep working on this one.
  2. Finish a first draft of a novel – I’ve had the idea for a novel that’s been bouncing around in my head for at least five years, I think it’s about time to get serious, plus I love writing.

That’s it. Just those two. Oh and I promise that in the next few weeks the new posts will be rolling out. Most likely on Saturdays. I’m going to begin scheduling them until I finish the Hist Story in Me series, the Songs that Mean Something will probably become a monthly series, and the Finding God in Harry Potter will probably roll out around February.

I love the people in my life who have helped me in this journey of becoming healthy. It’s not over, and I don’t think I would want it to be. So to those of you who helped me out, thank you Jamie, Jake, Nick, and Patrick. You guys are all awesome.

But this entire endeavor would have been in vain had God not been orchestrating this. He’s the one who led me to Jamie, the one who led me to Upward Bound way back when I was just an ickle freshman in high school, the one who led me to Jake (especially when I was still a real introvert). He’s behind it all. And for that I cannot thank Him enough, he desires us to be happy and healthy, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Ciao! And Happy New Year’s! Enjoy the rest of 2011 whilst you can, and I will see you all in 2012!


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