An End and a Beginning

Well, it’s here. Tomorrow begins my final, undergraduate semester at Clarkson. Well, sort of…the classes start on Thursday, but I’m heading back tomorrow.

What will be happening this semester?

I’ll be aiming to hit my goal of 165 lbs.

I’ll be applying to graduate school at Plattsburgh, for Student Affairs Counseling. I’m excited about it, and when something happens I’ll let you know about it!

I’ll be reapplying for a summer position with Upward Bound again, something that I thoroughly enjoy. I’ll have to develop courses for the program, and I’ll enjoy it immensely.

I’ll be writing my first draft of my novel. I’m bent on writing it. And I’m doing it by hand. Why, you may ask? Well I’m determined to take my time and actually put thought into it.

And lastly, I’ll be graduating!!

Four years of undergraduate classes will be carved into stone and set as a reminder of what I’ve spent doing when my life was transformed. These past four years have changed me so much, it’s really unbelievable. People may or may not see it, but it’s there. I know because I’ve gone through it. And I loved every second of it. Every painful, blissful, awful, happy, dreadful, fun moment. As much as it was painful to go through the transformation, it was amazing.

  • I was a terrible introvert.
  • I was vastly overweight.
  • I was lonely.
  • I had no friends.
  • I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.

And now…

  • I’m definitely not as much of an introvert as I thought.
  • I currently weigh 192 pounds.
  • I am no longer lonely, I’ve made tons of friends at Clarkson, and here back home.
  • I know what I want to go into. I want to work in a counseling field with first generation students. Either at a high school level, or a college level. I love working my summer job, and I love all of the students. I know that I would love the school year schedule as well.

All of these things, they arose in the past two years. The past two years when I stopped trying to be a Christian. I started following my natural impulses with God. I followed God as He led me, and it’s been amazing. Quite possible the most amazing time yet. Can I really explain how to do it? Unfortunately, no. It’s difficult to explain how to just follow God. You have to learn how to do it yourself. That’s the only difficult thing.

But it’s something you can find. It’s something you can do. And when you taste of the real God…man, you won’t want to go back. The changes will come, slowly but surely.

Drop everything you know or think you know about God. Including your Bible. Yes. I just said that. Leave everything you know or think you know about God, and then say one thing.

“I want to know you, and only you.”

When you do that, God will come to you in a way that you never recognized him in before.

When you get to know the real God, the One who knows EXACTLY who we’re meant to be, he will begin to slowly transform us into who we really are. We are slowly transformed and His light begins to really shine through us in ways we never expect.

I began to leave my little square, to make more friends, to become more open to people, I’ve made friends, I’ve talked to strangers on my own, well that one I’m still working on, but it gets better and better. I’ve realized that losing weight is not the key, it’s being healthy that makes the journey possible. It’s not dieting that helps, it’s changing what you eat everyday.

When you meet the real God, he changes you. All the time, every time. It’s a new beginning every single year. It’s a new beginning every week. It’s a new beginning every day. It’s a new beginning every single second. And that new beginning is where I head towards, and is exactly where God is waiting for you.


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