His Story in Me Part 5

I don’t remember any other critical events from my second semester…there are a couple other things though.

I went to the BASIC conference for the first time that semester. Brothers And Sisters In Christ, me and about 500 of my closest friends. It was quite an interesting and fun time. I remember being very tired at the end of the weekend.

My roommate and I got along just fine. We “tolerated” each others presence. I put it that way because it’s not like we hated each other, and it’s not like we loved each other either…we merely tolerated the other. We never really talked, not because we didn’t want to, we just didn’t. So it was often quiet in the room. And when housing lottery time came around, I knew I was bound for a single. A room all to myself, where I could just do my work and live while at Clarkson.

That’s when Ben approached me. He needed a roommate as well. So not really knowing him well enough to say yes, I said yes anyways…it turns out it was the best decision I’ve made yet.

I made it through another semester at Clarkson, and Ben and I kept in touch so we knew what the other was bringing.

That summer I went home after my first year at Clarkson. My mother informed me that I would not be going to the youth group I had been going to for almost three years. I was thoroughly annoyed and upset with her for that. But God used her to work in me. He knew that I wouldn’t stop going by myself, but that I would listen to her when she told me not to go. So I didn’t go, and it turns out that that was probably the best choice ever.

I read a few books that summer. I distinctly remember three of them. So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore?, He Loves Me, and The Shack. Quite possibly the biggest thing God taught me that summer that I would have never learned if I went to the youth group was the preciousness of relationships.

God’s relationship with us is critical and should be our number one priority. The number two priority is our relationship with other people whether they are Christ-followers or not. That is one of the many things that I have learned and that has been proven true in my life time and time again.


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