His Story in Me Part 6

The summer of 2009 I spent learning about relationships from God.

In the Fall of 2009 I entered my third semester at Clarkson. I believe that this was the semester that I ended up leaving my shell a little bit. Somehow I had managed to make friends with people who started doing that to me. Suddenly I was slowly beginning to become friends with “random” people. I became slightly more sociable. It was nice. That was the same semester that I met Mike. Mike is probably the most happy person I have met. Plus his incredible sense of humor.

Ben was my roommate, and we had a suite with two random suitemates. He became friends with them, and I tolerated them (again in the sense of I didn’t like nor hate them). Ben was involved with the freshman seminar, and made friends with his students. I had continued to go to InterVarsity, and at the first meeting of the year new students showed up.

Ben spotted one of his students at the meeting and he came back to our room to watch a movie. Anchorman I think. We started it, and about half-way through Ben decided he was tired, and just started getting ready for bed and then went to sleep…leaving me stuck with the new kid. Between an introvert and a brand new kid…it was fairly awkward. But somehow I ended up becoming friends with him. His name is Matt, and since then we’ve been best friends. The one thing that always threw me off about him was and still is that he sometimes takes forever to reply to text messages.

After taking Organic Chemistry I, I realized that I would have to give up either chemistry or physics. There was no way I could manage a double major in Physics and Chemistry. So by the end of the fall semester I would drop the chemistry portion of my major.

There was another BASIC conference that semester as well. And God began to just cement in me the desire for relationship. For real, intimate, human relationships with my friends and family.

That semester was also the first time I got a C in a class. I retained a friendship with a kid from my floor freshman year, his name is Chris. A physics major, and a brilliant one at that. Quite possibly the smartest person I’ve known, at least in physics.

I remained involved with InterVarsity, and CFC, and even the cell group bible study I was going to. I also continued to feel guilty. Why?

I didn’t read my Bible every day. I didn’t pray constantly, I didn’t say grace at every meal. I didn’t evangelize to people that I knew. I wasn’t by any means a “good” Christian. I was one of those go-to-church-on-Sunday-and-live-a-good-life Christians, and feeling darn guilty about it too.

The semester finished up eventually, and I packed up, said my good-byes to friends, my roommate, and went home, enjoying a fantastic Christmas.


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