Writing Prompt #1: January 23, 2012

She gazed down the long dusty road. It had been so long since she had seen him. She wasn’t sure exactly what to think. She barely even knew what to do. Ever since he had left for the big city, she had waited. She was always a small town girl. Her daddy owned a farm, and she helped out. She fed the chickens, managed to know all seven cats, and helped milk the cows. She loved her daddy and momma, but she loved him even more. And today was the day he was coming home.

Glancing down the road again, she turned and went into the barn. He would be here, it would just take some time. She stood with her daddy, watching the new calf struggling to stand. New life was a gift. She always thought that, and watching the calf stand for the first time, she knew it was true.


She left the barn, heading to the house where her mother called her from. She looked down the road again, and didn’t see a thing.

“Edith!” the call came again. Edith raced up the steps and burst into the house. “Edith, go an make sure the room’s ready for Charlie.”

“Yes momma.” Edith replied. She raced up the steps to the second floor. Third room on the left, right across from mine she thought. She stepped into the room, and threw open the curtains. The light flooded into the room. It hadn’t seen daylight since he’d left three years ago.

She sat down on the bed, bouncing on it a little bit. The springs squeeked like they had when they wrestled on the bed. She smiled, maybe we could do that later. She reached over and picked up a photo, brushing some dust off it. Her, her momma, her daddy, and him. She loved that picture and had one just like it in her room. Setting it back down, she opened the windows and let a crisp yet warm breeze into the room. His room.
There were nights when she’d sneak over after her parent’s had fallen asleep. They’d lay on his bed, talking about things on the farm, the school work that they had to do, their dreams.

His dream was to go to the city, maybe meet some rich people, just live a few years there.

She wanted to just live a happy life. She didn’t care where, just wanted to be happy. And she had decided that she was happy. On the farm, working with her daddy, helping her momma in the kitchen.

But she really wanted to talk to him again. He had written letters. One’s to the entire family, and others specifically to her. She kept all of them. She didn’t throw a single one away. She cherished them all, and read them almost nightly. She lay down on the bed, spread eagled, and just closed her eyes and relaxed. Today, after three years…

“Hello?” She looked at the doorway and a humongous smile broke out.

…her brother was coming…no, had come home.


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