Writing Prompt #2: January 24, 2012

“I’m not a big fan of Jell-O,” he said, pushing it back. He looked at the lunch lady.

“Look,” she said pushing it back to him. “It’s the only dessert for today, and you have to take it. Just take it and give it to someone else. I don’t really care.”

With a sigh he took the bowl of Jell-O and put it on his tray. I wish I could give it to someone he thought, having no friends sucks. He dropped his tray onto the table and the bowl of Jell-O tipped over. He ignored it and picked up his piece of pizza.

“Isn’t that the new kid?”

“Yeah, his name’s Bryan, he’s in my math class.”

“Damn it.” Bryan dropped his pizza onto his plate. He hated all that new kid stuff. It happened every time he moved to a new school. He miserably took a drink of the skim milk the school offered. Apparently they don’t have anything else, he thought. I want a Pepsi not this crap.

He glared back at a girl who was staring at him. She hastily glanced away. Stupid girls, haven’t they ever seen a guy before? He looked back to see her looking at him again.

He went back to stewing in his mind about his family. His mom couldn’t hold a job and so everytime she was fired they moved. Nine schools in only five years. Just enough time to make friends on the last day he was there. He hated it.


Bryan looked up to see a group of two boys and a girl standing in front of him.

“You look lonely.” One of the boys said.

Blond hair, spiked, typical jock. Bryan thought. The other guy’s a nerd, and the girl is probably one of their girlfriends.

“Yeah. So.” Bryan said, looking at them. Finally he went back to eating. The group stood there.

“What do you want?” Bryan said, looking up at them again.

“We just want to see how you’re doing. We heard you were new and that can be tough.”

“What do you know about being new?” Bryan said. I just wanna be left alone.

“We just moved here last month. They serve Jell-O every day.” The blond haired boy keep speaking for the group.

“I hate Jell-O.”

The group sat down.

“I’m Mike.” The blond haired kid offered a hand.

“Yeah, Bryan.” Bryan replied shaking it.

“You really don’t like Jell-O?” the girl asked.

“Bianca, don’t.” Mike said.

“I love Jell-O. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world. Especially the cherry kind. I wish I could have it every single day. I’d eat bowls and bowls of it. I’m just happy it’s so cheap—” Bianca stopped midsentence. Bryan was sobbing over his food. “Bryan?”

“I’m sorry…” Bryan sniffed, dragging his sleeve across his eyes and nose. “I just…I just don’t like it. It was always his favorite. My little brother loved it, and ever since he…I just can’t eat it.”

Mike was sitting next to him in a second. He put his arm around Bryan.

“It’s okay. I’ll bring you a different dessert every day. You won’t have to worry about eating Jell-O until you’re ready.” Mike put his mouth next to Bryan’s ear and whispered “besides, I think Bianca can handle eating your Jell-O.”

Bryan managed a small laugh and looked at Mike and then Bianca and the other boy.

I think I might just be okay here he thought.


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