Writing Prompt #4: February 1, 2012

He would stop at nothing for revenge. He was fed up with all the crap that had happened. Now, people would pay.

“Yo Matty, what’s up?”

“Nothin’ much Nat. How ’bout chu?” Matty looked up, distracted from his thoughts.

“Nothin’ man. Listen I’ma head down and play some ball, you game?” Nat stood holding the basketball on his hip.

“Nah, I got stuff to do.”

“Yo, I’m worried bout you man. You been acting all lonely and weird lately.”

“I’m fine. I promise you dat.” Matty smiled.

“You lyin’.”

“What you say?” Matty jumped up, shoving Nat in the chest.

Nat dropped the basketball and shoved Matty back. “Dude, what’s wrong wit chu? Don’t you wanna talk?”

“No I don’t wanna talk. I told you I’m fine.” Matty said.

“Look man, something’s wrong and I wanna help.”

“I’m fine.” Matty said, and then stormed off.

“Matty, yo Matty!” Matty ignored Nat calling to him.


Matty walked the five blocks back to his house in silence staring down at the sidewalk. He was just about to go in when he heard a soft cuss muttered.

“Oh shit. Goddamn grocers pack them damn bags to damn full.”

Matty looked up. “You want some help there Mrs. Blaze?”

“Oh, I’m sorry hunny, you weren’t supposed to hear all that.”

“It’s okay I hear it all the time with my friends.” Matty had jogged the three doors down. He started to gather the now loose fruit as Mrs. Blaze picked up her carton of broken eggs.

“You still good friends with that Nat boy?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. He’s a good influence you know. You doin’ okay there?”

“I guess. I mean—”

“Come on in, I’ll get you a drink and we can talk about it.”

“I don’t really wanna talk about it ma’am.”

Mrs. Blaze turned to Matty and looked at him over her glasses.

“Now that’s silly boy. Everyone needs to talk about things that’re bothering them. It just ain’t healthy to not.” Mrs. Blaze smiled and opened her door. “Come on, a good apple and maybe glass of milk’ll do you good.”

Matty felt a little better already. Mrs. Blaze seemed to have that effect on him a lot.

“Now, tell Momma Blaze what’s goin on.” She sat a bowl of sliced up apple with a dollop of peanut butter in front of him, and next to it a tall glass of milk.

“Well, there’s this idiot in school—”


“Sorry, person, in school who glued my locker shut, stole my gym clothes, and been spreadin rumors bout me.”

“And what rumors are these?” Mrs. Blaze sat back in her kitchen chair.

“He tellin these kids that I’m stupid and ain’t got no future and I should just give up now and get ‘rrested and sent to jail cause that’s what everyone else in my family done.”

“Oh Matty, I’m sorry. What are you thinking bout doing?”

“I kinda wanna punch the kid.” Matty took a drink of milk to keep his emotions in check.

“Is that really gonna solve everything?”

“No. But it’ll make me feel better.”

Mrs. Blaze’s loud laugh filled the kitchen. “Hunny, I don’t think that’ll work. I tried and I still got my Darryl didn’t I? Used to piss me off so bad. Sorry.”

“I suppose, but I ain’t looking to end up with this kid. I mean I ain’t gay or nothin’.”

“No, no. That’s not what I meant. It’s what happened to me, but I don’t think it’ll happen like that for you at all.” Mrs. Blaze pointed over her shoulder. “It’s kinda like those eggs there. They’re all broken, and some broken worse than others. I think this kid might be more broken than you. Why don’t you try talking to him? You might find out he just wants to be like you…”


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