A new phase in community group

Well, it’s Friday. That should make us all very happy I’d think. We just finished week 2 of our co-ed community group (kind of like a Bible study but not really) last night, and, well, it’s so much better.

When Ben and I *decided* (I use that loosely there) to go co-ed, we didn’t really know what was going to happen.

We talked about vision, and realized that we kind of had one vision: To create an environment where people can draw close to God.

And so for the past two weeks, people have shown up and done something that we asked them. Come with a verse that God has been speaking to you about or through. The first week, I don’t remember precisely what the theme was, but yesterday the theme was “Confidence in God.”

Now you may be thinking, did you and Ben pick that?


Actually Ben and I said nothing, let people pick their own verses, and that emerged. We had one verse from Zephaniah, my first thought was essentially “Who goes to that book?” But the verse fit in perfectly. And after hearing a little about the historical context behind the verse it made perfect sense.

I think there’s something to letting God move. When we take our hands out of the mix and stop trying to direct God, really cool things happen. Like the fact that 12 people can come together without any discussion beforehand and talk about confidence in God.

Oh yes, I think we shall continue like this for a long time. I mean, we don’t have to search for topics to talk about, so we can’t run out of them, and God has many things to bring up to us that we wouldn’t encounter ourselves.

Thank goodness for a God who interacts with his people. Gotta love him.


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