Drifting Away, or Moving Closer?

Not too long ago, I sat in a Sunday morning service and listened about drifting. The preacher used stories from his own life that were relevent. The content of the message was good. I enjoyed it, and then things took a turn I didn’t expect. It suddenly turned into a message that was all about Jesus. And then it was gone again just as quickly as it came.

It was all story focused, then God/Jesus focused, and then human focused.

It wasn’t bad, but to be honest, it really rode on the emotional train. The entire message, including the worship songs were all designed, whether intentional or not, to make the people listening feel guilty. To make us feel like we weren’t doing enough to be close to God.

Let me be clear. There are certainly times when we “drift away” from God. But the reality is, once we’re his, we can’t ever escape.

I was so frustrated listening to him speak, because everything that I have learned about God was very subtley being contradicted.

God is screaming “Once you’re mine, I will NEVER let you go!!”

The preacher speaking was saying “We have to work, and make sure that we don’t get away from God.”

Why then, of all the things that Jesus could have uttered on Calvary, did he say “It is finished.”

Did you get that?

It. Is. Finished.



Victory has already been won.

We most commonly forget that we exist inside of time. God…does not.

He stepped into time, and in one final and complete moment, took total victory over everything.

When Jesus died, it was the end of sin. It was the end of Death. It was the end of Satan. It was the end of the rebellion. It was the end of pain. It was the end of fear. It was the end of the old Adam. It was the end of my sinful nature. It was the end of your sinful nature. It was the end.

When Jesus died, there was no more struggling. There IS no more struggling. Once we enter into His protection, and God sees Jesus’ righteousness in us and not ours, we are forever safe.

We can never leave, no matter how hard we try. I know that first hand. There was one time when I wanted to leave. I was frustrated and annoyed with , mad at, and plain ticked off at God.

I was ready to say goodbye, and leave him standing there. But he wouldn’t let me. The Father’s heart is so much more than what we realize. He didn’t come to earth to just save us. Sorry.

If that bursts your bubble, knowing that Jesus didn’t come to earth just to give us salvation, then you need to study the Bible more. He had a much bigger purpose than that.

Thinking that he came just to save us, and keep us from drifting off into the distant ocean of this world of darkness and sin…it’s wrong. To think that a God who can create whole universes with just his words, it’s an outrage to make it all about us.

It’s an outrage to think that the almighty God of the universe became a human just to die so that we could live in happiness. He had a much bigger plan than that, and for that I’m grateful.

The reason He said “It is finished,” is because He meant it. He meant that once we take the initial act of repenting and coming to Him, admitting that we cannot live life on our own, in that moment we are forever safe. Never in harm of drifting away.

Not to mention, the more and more the preacher talked about what drifting could possibly look like, I was realizing, that’s exactly what’s happening to me. Before I would have thought “oh my gosh, I need to get back to doing the right things. I need to start reading my Bible more, get more involved, memorize verses, pray more, give money,” the list goes on and on. It always will.

But this time I realized something. I realized that my constant prayer, in silence, never uttered in the presence of anyone before this moment when you read it, is different. It has been “God, I want to know you more than anything.”

And that is the one thing that proved to me that I am in no danger of “drifting away” as I was made to feel that morning.

In fact, I’m moving closer. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m no longer asking for personal things, but just one, to know Him more. Any other thing that I pray about is for someone else. I’m not trying to make myself look good, I’m just saying that that is where I am, and where I hope and pray every single person will find themselves some day.


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