Life Update! February 5, 2012

As I continue to get deeper into writing my novel, I’m discovering things that I never anticipated running into.

Things like: naming, how to populate the world, languages, writing it out, ideas, and various other things.

You see, I have the plot. I know most of the events, and as I continue to write, I realize that I want to create this so that I can keep writing with these characters. Or at least these ideas, not necessarily the same characters.

As I continue to write, my time for writing other things, such as the writing prompts, goes down. I’m realizing this after I have been focused on writing. My creative juices have been sufficiently inspired, and so I don’t know that I’ll continue to utilize these writing prompts. But I like the idea. I’m going to keep posting a set on Sunday’s, and I still encourage you to send them in, I’ll post them.

So, my next big question is whether or not I type up my novel or hand write the first draft. I’m really torn. I want to type it up, but that requires the use of a computer, and my laptop distracts me with the numerous other things I can do on it. So do I buy a new laptop? Do I type and hope that I don’t get distracted? I don’t really know. What I do know is that I am constantly thinking about this story and want to write it so bad. I’m doing it slowly, unfortunately because I have other things to do such as go to class. But on that note, things are going well.

We’re now just over a month into the new year, my goal to lose my last bit of weight still stands, I’m making improvements, and recognizing what my weak areas are. I’ve begun to realize when I need to be careful, sometimes I eat more than I intend to.

My novel, as per the paragraphs above, is well under way. I love the characters and am constantly thinking about how it plays out. Probably one of my most guarded secrets I’ve ever had is just what is happening in it.

My classes are awesome, it’s hard to believe that I’m going to be graduating from Clarkson in 15 weeks from today. 97 short days. Holy cow. I only just showed up here as a freshman! Undoubtedly you’ll hear more about that as we get closer to graduation day.

Grad school. Yeah. I sent in my application on January 25, and I don’t expect to hear anything until at least February 15. It’s a state of waiting that I never really experienced with Clarkson. But whatever happens, I’m excited. I’ve been inspired to live a full life and following God, I’m certainly going to.

Overall, life is going well. My grandfather is doing better, there was a minor scare with a possible blood clot in his lung, but that’s been averted. Apparently it wasn’t there. So yeah, things are going well. Life is delightful.


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