A Renewed Vigor

For a while I’ve been running a little low. I mean I have a lot of things coming together all at once. Granted they may be nothing compared to some people, but to me it’s a lot of important things.

I have my last semester here at Clarkson. I have graduate school stuff waiting, although as of right now it’s all up in the air while I wait to hear back on whether I’m accepted or not. I have a novel I’m working on. I have finances that I want to really bolster. I want to improve myself so that I’m more versatile, not a one trick pony as I’ve heard before. I a major life change looming on the horizon. I have a relationship with God that I cannot let fall aside. And to top it all off I’m trying to lose my last 30 pounds, after having lost 80 pounds already.

Needless to say I have a lot on my plate that I’m trying to keep track of. And the worst part is, of all those things I’m most apt to let go of the losing weight one first.

But I haven’t. Every time I get to the point of wanting to give up on losing weight and being healthy, God reminds me why I started this journey.

He reminds me of the endless times I was taunted for my weight in highschool. The painful times I never told anyone about, not even my family. He reminds me what I felt like when I took my shirt off, how I felt fat and sad because I wasn’t thin. I think back about those times and realize that God has brought me so far, and that I will never go back there.

He reminds me of the kind people who met me along my journey. My friend who told me that if I remained as heavy as I was my knees would eventually give out and things would just get worse. My friend who was kind enough to give me workout videos and serves as an inspiration to change my diet. My friend who told me he made up his mind and decided he didn’t want to be fat. My friend who constantly inspires me with his joy and happiness no matter  what the situation.

He reminds me that I’m worth it. He thought I was worth it. He brings two of my friends to mind all the time, and how they constantly strive to be better, play sports, and are way more active than I ever was.

He reminds me that the pain from working out will be far sweeter than the pain from being obese. That the annoyance of working out will be over quicker than the annoyance of being out of breath every time I climb a flight of stairs.

I am a child of the King, and I am worth it. I should be healthy, happy, and content.

I have people on this earth that I love dearly, people that I want to spend a long time with. I want to have amazing adventures with them. I want to travel the world, go skydiving, climb mountains, and visit the beautiful places of this world. And it’s all far easier to do when you’re healthy.

So why do I do it? Why put myself through pain and torture? Because it’s an investment. It’s something that I want to do because it makes me feel good, and I’m certainly worth it.

You’re worth it. Your body is something that you’ll use every single day. Treat it wisely, and take care of it.

Drink water, eat healthy, exercise, because you are worth it.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not worth it. They’re lying.


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