Faith and Science, Moving Away From Professionalism

One Friday back in January, I went to InterVasity, and it was actually an awesome meeting. As much as I dislike lecture meetings when they aren’t supposed to be lectures, this one I enjoyed. The topic was on faith and science. The question: Do they contradict?

The main verdict and point that I took away, the Bible says God created…it doesn’t say how. So do faith and science contradict? Nope. They don’t. Science is merely the way we’re finding out how God created. We’re merely discovering how God did these things. And so it comes to something that I thought and have believed for a long time, real science will only prove God’s existence.

I was a Physics major for a year and a half at Clarkson, and every thing I learned in my classes served to make God more amazing to me. I would just be thinking about things and realize that God is just that awesome. The mere fact that God exists right down to the very electrons in every atom, he’s just that intimate.

The fact that we see color because photons excite electrons to the point where they take on energy, and then release it along with photons that allow us to see color. There is a God who is so intimate and careful that everything has been carefully calculated.

To me studying science, whether biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, or math, it proves to me nothing less than God must exist. How else would we have things that were so complex? I don’t think we could. I don’t think it’s possible that all of this just happened. I don’t want to start a debate, but after simply studying these things for as short of a time as I did, I’ve been convinced.

The second thing I thoroughly enjoyed about that particular meeting is the team leading the worship messed up. Like they messed up to the point of starting a song and then stopping because they were in the wrong key.

I loved that. It was so un-professional that it was truly authentic. Now, I’m not saying that professionals aren’t authentic when they lead worship. There are plenty of professional who are truly authentic. What I can’t stand is those professionals who lead worship just to get an emotional high. And I’ve seen them. I’ve seen music used to move people to the brink of emotion when it wasn’t necessary.

When I see people who truly worship Jesus because they want to, those are my kinds of people. My one hope and prayer for them remains that they would stay steadfastly focused on Jesus. Once they lose that focus things can deteriorate quickly. Hold onto it though, and things will grow and multiply beyond expectations.


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