What is Love?

For Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day depending on which boat you float, I decided to post about love.

I enjoyed a post I did a long time ago, but I seem to have deleted it completely when I revamped my blog, so alas, you shall have to make do without the original.

Simply put, God is Love. Love is God.

But I digress, let us look at some examples of love from an old site that I enjoyed, Love Gives Me Hope

My best friend who has had depression for six years recently died.
No. During a school shooting she jumped in front the boy she liked just as he was about to be shot and took the bullet for him.
Amanda, we need more young women with your kind of courage.
Your LGMH.

God took the bullet for us a long time ago.

They were 15 and in love.
He was a track star and she was a dancer.
A car had lost control and he pushed her out of the way, resulting in badly broken both legs.
He would never be able to compete again, but he said she was worth it.
20 years later they are married and it brings him eternal joy to watch her dance passionately onstage.

He was bruised for our transgressions, broken for our sins.

In church one Sunday, there was a gentleman behind me who was quietly speaking all the words before we would sing each line.
Next to him was a beautiful woman’s voice.
When the service ended, I turned to see that the woman was blind.
Her husband spoke the words to her so that she could sing along.
His dedication and LGMH.

He constantly cares for us when we are helpless.

I was at a park by myself, crying.
A boy walked up and sat next to me.
He handed my a note and a flower, kissed me on the cheek and walked away.
The note read, “Your beautiful, believe in yourself and follow your dreams.”
I had never seen him in my life.
Caring strangers LGMH.

We are called to spread His beauty in this world, and to let Him shine through us.

My best friend can’t afford to go to the college of her choice, even though she had already been accepted.
For her birthday, her boyfriend came up to hug her and said “I love you, and I want you to be happy.”
He presented her with a check, paying for her college fees from his own savings.

Every debt has been paid, every requirement satisfied.

Four years ago I met a boy at a grocery store who was watching me sign to my mom because I am deaf.
The next time I came back he came up to me and started to sign and apologized for how horrible he was at signing.
We had been friends ever since and tomorrow I am getting married to the same boy I met four years ago in the grocery store.

He chose us despite our deformities, despite our issues.

My father has begun to loose his memory, and his hearing.
He does embarrassing things in public to make me laugh.
My mother calls me embarrassing nicknames in front of friends.
And I have never been embarrassed by them.
Because without them adopting me, I would’ve been aborted.
My parents LGMH.

He has chosen us to be his children.

My Brother and I are both Soldiers in the Army.
Our Mother told us that whenever we needed help, a feather would fall from the sky, and she would protect us.
Both me and my brother were under fire and terrified for our lives.
Then two feathers fell from the sky.
Our mother died THAT DAY from a heart attack.
Her eternal LGMH.

His protection is overwhelming.

Today was our 8th grade dance.
During the slow song, everyone grabbed their date and started to dance.
One boy with special disabilities had no one to dance with.
The prettiest girl in our grade asked him to dance.

He sees the inner heart, looks past the outer person.

My best friend and I have know each other since we were 5.
Last week, he died in a car crash on the way to visit me at my house.
The police handed me a jewellery box they found in his car.
Inside there was a note:
“I’ve loved you since we met 20 years ago.
I want to be with you forever.
Till the day I die.” He did.

Can we begin to understand the depths of His love?

My boyfriend gave up his dreams for me.
I have been battling cancer for the last 2 years, and my boyfriend has been growing his hair out to make a wig for me.
When an army recruiter told him he’d have to shave his hair, he said “I can’t do that,” and walked away.
His love and dedication GMH.

He turned down complete supremacy in his love for us.

I was in the school cafeteria when one of the cheerleaders dumped a strawberry smoothie on my shirt on purpose, infront of the whole school.
While I stood there sobbing, the nerdiest guy in school who was standing next to me dumped a bowl of spaghetti on his head.
Kyle, my now-husband, your LGMH.

He was made a fool of for his love.

Lately my boyfriend wouldn’t let me hold his hand.
After a few days I started getting worried and asked why.
He showed me his hands, covered in blisters.
He got them from riding his bike two miles to my house to see me every day.
His sacrifice and LGMH.

His wounds demonstrated his love.

One year ago I came home to find my 14-year old sister stabbed, lying on the floor of our kitchen.
This year on the anniversary of her death I came home to find my boyfriend with a dvd in his hand.
He had put together a slideshow showing only pictures of she and I together.
The fact that he didn’t even acknowledge that it was his own birthday GMH.

He constantly loves us. Cares for us. And watches over us.

I live in a rough part of town.
Me, my boyfriend and my little sister were walking down the street, when a guy pulled a gun to us.
The man aimed the gun at my sister, and pulled the trigger.
Before I knew it, my boyfriend was pushing my sister out of the way and took a bullet to his arm.

No sacrifice was too small for Him to give.

Yesterday my boyfriend Kota died of cancer.
Hes and organ donor.
He left me a note.
It read “My girlfriend is my hero.
I’m not gonna make it much longer, so Ill leave her my heart.”
Today, I was diagnosed with a heart failure.
I now own his heart.
His heart GMH.

Jesus was the greatest example of love. His Love Truly Gives Me Hope.

Remember Jesus this Valentine’s Day. Tell Him you love Him.


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