Jesus in His Glory

There’s a song that I heard by Kim Walker Smith. For the first couple times I didn’t know what it was called, but I can tell you that my favorite part was the chorus.

“This is Jesus, in His glory, King of heaven, dying for me, it is finished, he has done it, death is beaten, heaven beckons me.”

I tend to just picture Jesus, hanging on the cross, and realizing that this is one reason he died for us.

This is Jesus in His glory.

Heaven wasn’t His glory. When He resided in heaven, He was in splendor and glory. Angels bowed to Him, awaited His every command. Every step He took on earth was undoubtedly watched and guarded by the Father, His way directed and protected by the angels.

When He hung on the cross, the angels were restrained, no doubt waiting, terrified as Jesus hung on the cross. His ragged breathing leaving them on the edge of eternity wondering whether the Father was going to truly let his Son die.

Was the God of the universe going to die?

We know of course that He did.

But not only did He die, He finished it. Done. Over. Complete.

That’s absolutely critical because a lot of Christians believe they still need to do something to accomplish their salvation. But they don’t. It’s finished.

It. Is. Finished.

Death, commonly called the last great enemy, is beaten. Death has no sting at all. The only strength it has is that we die once. But when we die, we awaken into life.

Once we’re alive, as long as we continue to partake of Life, we will never die. That is amazing.

This isn’t really a Songs that Mean Something post, but at the same time it is. So, that being said, enjoy the video. This version happens to be by Tim Hughes, but I like both Kim Walker Smith’s and Tim Hughes’s versions of the song.


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