Healthiness and Life

I don’t believe that God called us to become lazy and overweight. I’m almost certain he wants us to be active and certainly wants us to be healthy.

I’ve only realized this in the past two years.

Since I started my journey towards living a healthy life, God has placed people in my life that have helped me immensely. Two of them are close friends up here at Clarkson, and the other two are teenagers that I mentor back at home. I love the four of them dearly, and didn’t realize just how much they helped me until I spent time away from them.

Becoming healthy is not easy. Not by a long shot. Coming from a home where processed food was the norm, and we had more food than we needed most of the time (i.e. an entire package of meat was cooked at once even though we never ate it all that night), I had some adjusting when I came off to Clarkson.

I spent my freshman year in the all-you-can-eat dining hall, and undoubtedly gained a good chunk of weight. My sophomore year it was a little bit better, albeit not much…I ate at the Grille which served mainly fried foods or food that was cooked on a nasty looking grill, a pasta station where I became friends with the cook and in turn got way more food than I should have, and I still went to the dining halls. My junior year though is when things started to change. I began that year by giving up soda in September. At the time I merely wanted to see what it was like. I tried it for a month, and that month is still going on…somehow I managed to lose track of time….

I began eating more fruit, ventured out and tried pears and oranges, the real things though, not the canned ones. I also realized that my list of fruits I like grew from just apples to apples, pears, oranges, pineapple, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, and kiwis. Boy oh boy was my body a little shocked. It wasn’t getting all those fried foods anymore.

So after changing what I drink, and then what I eat, I decided it was time to change my activity level. What did that mean?


Oh. My. Goodness. That was not going to happen. And yet happen it did.

It was something that God ordained.

I didn’t catch on until I was halfway sucked in.

Suddenly I was exercising and enjoying it. Completely unexpected. And so when I was “forced” to go home for my grandfather’s wake and funeral, there were so many people that didn’t recognize me. Had I really lost that much? Or better yet, had I really been that overweight?

That shocked me. I didn’t think I looked that bad, but then I saw some pictures of me from senior year in high school, and yup, it was true. I looked fat.

The good news though is that God watched over me and guided my steps and the steps of those four people straight into my life, and now I can say I am no longer 275 pounds, but a much smaller 190 pounds. And can I tell you…it’s delightful. I love it.

My grandfather was just beginning to lose the weight he had carried for so long, my grandmother was proud of him for losing the little weight he had, and he was proud of himself for it. Unfortunately his passing took all of us by surprise, but what has happened cannot be undone. My next goal is to make sure that the rest of my family does not go through life thinking “I’m just fat and there’s nothing I can do to change it.”

There is always something that can be done, and if it isn’t something you can do, I guarantee you it’s something that God can.


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