Real Body Life

I found something that I’ve been looking for.

Ever since reading about the body and what body life looks like in Christ, I’ve been looking for it. I’ve been trying to find some semblance of it. And its taken a while, but I found it.

I wrote earlier this semester about how our community group has grown. It has become a coed community group, and since that moment, God has been meeting us over and over.

We grew from about 14 people up to 22. I don’t think any community group has ever had 22 people in one week. I know we haven’t and we’ve been running the community group for a good two and a half years now. So needless to say, this was unexpected.

But it’s been so sweet. Every person comes each week with a verse to share, something that God has really used the past week to teach them, or speak into their life. It always runs together beautifully too. One week God brought out a theme of Trust in Him, another week a theme of We are His. He’s continued to meet us.

But that does not mean it’s been without opposition. God has been doing something real, He’s been moving on the campus, and the enemy isn’t happy about it.

Recently a person has been coming to our group, and while they know the Bible, they don’t know God. When we asked how he met Jesus, or how long he’s know Jesus, he danced around the issue, never fully saying anything about his relationship with Him.

He’s been distracting to the group, has attacked several members spiritually and verbally, and really become a stumbling block to the group. The group has suddenly become more introverted. Whereas before people were sharing spontaneously, even people who rarely ever spoke, we are having to ask people to speak.

My roommate and I are having to take a vocal leadership position, something that we have refrained from doing because God has really been leading the group. So, all that to say it’s been frustrating.

But, now I’m beginning to understand some of Paul’s letters. All of his letters were written to churches who were dealing with specific issues. The letters are not just meant to be picked apart for knowledge, but to be used when needed. And we are in need right now.

We met with said person, and both my roommate and I, along with another member of our community group, walked away from the meeting visibly shaken. My roommate was literally shaking, and I had the same feeling but could disguise it more. We walked away from that encounter knowing one thing for sure: this was something spiritual.

We initially thought perhaps it was just an abrasive personality, just someone that rubbed us the wrong way. We had suspicions that it was something spiritual, but this encounter gave us no doubt. Two secure believers, people who have walked with God through good times and bad, despite being young, walked away from a conversation where we wanted to get to know the person shaken. Then we realized two things. The first has been already stated, this is something spiritual, but the second, it’s not over. 

There will be another round, and by God’s grace, we will hold fast to the faith which has so far not lead us astray.

Another thing this has taught me is the true idea of leadership. How we truly lead a group such as ours. We lead when necessary.

We are both content to let God move things and let him work in the group, but we have been placed in authority for times such as this, when a firm decision is needed. Leaders to carry out these decisions. The idea of leading only when necessary.

Needless to say, God’s been teaching me about real body life during this time period, and to be honest, as much as it annoys me and it’s frustrating, at the same time it’s an adventure because it’s God that’s teaching me.


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