Writing Prompt Bonanza Week 8

In an effort to aid my goal of writing a novel for this year, I needed some kind of motivation.

And so an idea popped into my head.

Writing Prompts.

I know, I never thought I would use them either. I’ve been generating a list of writing prompts, so far around 60 or so, and starting tomorrow I’m going to focus on hitting 500 words for each prompt. 500 words at the least. One prompt a day.

Every Sunday, I’ll post a new list of prompts that you will begin to work on the next day. You should shoot for 500 to 600 words. Remember, these are going to serve to jump-start our creativity.

Anyways, I challenge any of you young writers, or writers in general to work with me on these writing prompts if you want. Keep what you write to yourself, or send them to me and I’ll post them on my blog for others to see. It’s completely up to you.

If you want to send them to me, send them to runafterthe1.prompts@gmail.com and I’ll post them as an addition to my prompt or as a post all on their own if I didn’t write one for that day. If you send them to me, be sure to include your name at least so that I can give credit to you.

So…get your pens, or fingers ready because tomorrow it continues, and without further ado, this weeks writing prompts!

Monday, March 19:      Parry. Thrust. Block. They had been locked in combat for a good ten minutes now. Evenly matched. And she didn’t even have a hair out of place.

Tuesday, March 20:     The cold, bitter wind blew harshly. The trees swayed and clouds moved by quickly. It would be here soon.

Wednesday, March 21:     “First, I will over-stimulate your nervous system. Then the fun begins.” A menacing smile appeared on the old face.

Thursday, March 22:     Her eyes narrowed. Across the lawn, near the back wall, a shadow had dropped down.

Friday, March 23:     The light blazed, pulsating and bathing the hallways in red as the alarm blared.

Saturday, March 24:     “Sir, please step back.”

Sunday, March 25:     It had been a rather boring day, and then a taxi had come through the wall.


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