You, You are God

There’s a song that ran through my head last week. I had bits and pieces of the song that would run through my head. I couldn’t remember the entire thing though.

And then we sang it at a Sunday morning meeting. Oh man. I ended up going to a new level. My heart was racing as I literally offered everything to my God. I lifted my hands and sang from the depths of my heart.

It echoed in the very chambers of my soul…and I was happy. I was doing that which I had long desired to do. I was singing in worship God for who he is. Worshipping God for who He is and no other reason.

There is no other reason needed to worship God.

He is God, and for that reason I will worship Him.

You, You are God, You are Lord
You are all I’m living for
You are King of everything
I want my life to praise You

This was my prayer, and has been my prayer. I’ve come to realize that I am someone who will worship God for who he is.

I’m discovering that I love to worship God for who he is. The things that he has done are great yes, but who he is, that is greater.


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