Am I Ready Yet?

As I finish this morning’s breakfast, I sit writing this.

I’ve been here at Clarkson for four years, and in those four years I’ve gone through unprecedented changes. Changes that if told about when I showed up here as a freshman I would’ve have said there was no way it would happen.

I made one prayer before I left home as a timid 18 year old. I don’t remember the exact words, but I remember the premise.

I told God I knew a lot of things were going to change, and I realized that only one thing was going to stay the same. The only thing that wouldn’t change was him. And I would need God to help me make it through.

And he did just that.

He carried me through highs and lows.

He’s carried me through being incredibly lonely and distraught to being so happy I didn’t know if I could be that happy again.

He’s carried me through the death of my grandfather.

He’s carried me through the birth of myself.

In my four years here at Clarkson, I’ve found a side of me that I never knew existed. I’ve gone from being an introvert to being an extrovert with quite a few introvert qualities.

I’ve become happy with who I am.

So now comes the question…in less than three weeks I’ll be walking across a stage in a cap and gown and need to know the answer.

Am I ready to move on? Am I ready to face the next stage of my journey?

I think I’ve realized what my life prayer is, if you can have such a thing.

I may not know what lies ahead. I only have a vague idea currently. But I know that while although many things may change, God never will. And because I’m relying on him, there is nothing I fear. I will follow my God where he leads me, he will never change and I’m counting on that.



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