The Word of God vs. The word of God

There’s an important issue today.

Many people are becoming confused quite a bit. It’s all about the Word versus the word. I know, I know, what does it matter?

It matters a great deal. You see the Word of God is Jesus. Most of the time people associate the Word of God with the Bible. But the Word, capital w, is Jesus. Always Jesus. The moment we begin to associate the Word of God with the Bible we lose the power of Jesus’ name.

The word of God, lowercase w, is the Bible.

Bear in mind that both come from God, but one is God.

The scriptures are not God in any way shape or form. They themselves do not have authority. They are simply words on a piece of paper.

They gain authority because of the authority behind them.

But what about studying the Bible? That’s great. Study the word of God. But don’t forget we have direct access to the Word of God.

What about Hebrews 4:12? Ah, well a lot of people use that verse. They say it provides reason to study the scriptures. Read the entire chapter. Go ahead. Don’t just read that verse. See how the entire chapter before that verse focuses on Jesus. Do you see how the entire chapter after that verse focuses on Jesus?

Why then would that one verse talk about the Bible? It doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention when Hebrews was written, people most likely didn’t have access to all of the letters in the New Testament. So how can they study anything but the Torah at this point in time? Ah but see the lessons that we modern Christians take away from the Bible come from letters they didn’t necessarily have access to.

What does that mean then? The entire chapter before and after talks about Jesus, so why would one verse switch to a completely different topic? Hebrews 4:12 actually refers to the Word of God. It refers to Jesus.

Almost every reference in the New Testament where the word of God or Word of God is used refers to Jesus. It refers to the person with whom the entire universe and creation is consumed with.

All of scriptures point to Jesus. He himself is the living embodiment of God’s spoken Word. That is why the name of Jesus has power. Bad things may come of me stating this, but the scriptures are merely a tool to bring us into the presence of God’s spoken Word, Jesus.

It is Jesus who does a transforming and cleansing work in our lives. It is Jesus who penetrates us to the very depths of our soul. It is Jesus who divides between soul and spirit, joint and marrow.

When we let the Word of God do His work, we are truly transformed, we are truly cleansed, we are truly restored.

Please, I ask you to learn the difference between the Word of God, and the word of God. It will change your life drastically, I promise.


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