This Love of God Is Real

I came back to my computer after watching a movie with friends last night and I wanted to write about the love of God. I mean could I ever truly exhaust that idea?

The God of the universe loves us. Loves me. Loves you.

Last year when I decided that I wanted to know the Jesus I was following, I asked God to take away everything that I knew about Him. To take me back to the start. He began to build me up from a clean slate. This new season was something I never expected to see.

I found a Jesus I never knew existed.

Sure I knew all about the Jesus of the Bible. Sure I believed that He died for me. Sure I knew how to have an accountability partner. Sure I knew how to try and stop committing sins.

But what I found took all those things and wiped them clean off of the table.

I’ve learned a lot of things since then, and I’ve certainly been grateful for every single thing I’ve learned.

But since that journey of realizing that God loved me, I’ve never been able to get past that.

I’ve been stuck.

I mean truly stuck.

Is it possible to fully understand what it means when we say God loves us?

Sure we can say it. We toss it around a lot, and say “God loves you.”

But have we fully grasped what that means? When we do, we’ll all be stuck.

Just seriously ask God to show you just what it means when He says he loves you. Yes but God’s already shown us how much he loves us by sending his Son to die!

Yes, yes he has! But understand that all too often those are just words. How much do we really understand? How much do we truly know?

Do we really understand just what God has done for us? Do we truly understand the significance of it? I think that we don’t really understand it.

God cleared off my table of things I knew and believed and gave me something greater.

He gave me a Jesus that means everything. He gave me a Jesus that I would be willing to do anything for.

Now that I know this Jesus, my life has changed.

This to me is a Jesus who has carried me through valleys.

This is a Jesus who will without a doubt shelter me in the storms.

This is a Jesus who will never fail me.

This is a Jesus who is a humble King.

I think that’s why I truly enjoy Hillsong’s “The Father’s Heart.” I now understand some of the lines of that song. I understand the love of God just a little bit better.

God’s love is Jesus. There is no other. There will never be another. God is consumed with Jesus and the entire universe is consumed with Jesus. The only things in this universe not consumed with Jesus are us humans.

The enemy is consumed with defeating Jesus. The demons consumed with defeating Jesus. The Father is concerned with exalting Jesus. The Spirit concerned with revealing Jesus. The creation consumed with reflecting Jesus. And yet we are not.

We, as man, are not. We are consumed with things He said. We are consumed with things He did. We are consumed with His teachings. We are consumed with accomplishing assignments. The problem lies therein. We are not consumed with Him.

If we become consumed with Jesus, all other things will find their place.

I can attest to that. Since finding this “new” Jesus, I have become consumed with Him. And all other things have fallen into place. I have more confidence, more trust, more faith, and more love than ever before.

Find this Jesus and you will never wander from Him.  You will worship Him with everything you have because it is at the name of this Jesus that all darkness trembles. It is at the name of this Jesus that every knee will one day bow.

Find this Jesus, and you will never again doubt the love of God


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