His Story in Me Part 9

That summer I met two people who I would end up mentoring. Two of the students. We were distant cousins, and they ended up becoming good friends with me and I with them.

The relationship we began to share was one I never expected.

We began to just share life. Who knew that was possible? If you just hang out with people you just begin to share life with them. I got to learn their hopes and dreams. The things they struggled with, the things they succeeded in.

They talked to me about the girls they liked, the way their parents bugged them sometimes.

These two boys became like little brothers to me. And then they became more than that. They became best friends. People who I would thoroughly enjoy hanging out with. I would end up doing things with them like going to play laser tag, taking them out to dinner, I never thought I’d do that.

In return they did something even more precious for me.

They inspired me.

One of the boys told me about how when he was in 6th grade he saw that he was heading towards being fat and decided to change.

He didn’t want to be fat so he decided to change.

Was it really that simple? Could you just decide to change?


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