His Story in Me Part 10

Apparently you could. Apparently just deciding to change works.

I decided to change and as I did so things began to happen. But that’ll will come in time.

Heading back to Clarkson for my fifth semester, fall of junior year, my roommate and I ended up in the same room we had the year before. It was a little annoying, but we managed to make it work.

Ben and I continued to lead a small group, studying somewhat random things. When we came back, we went through the almost obligatory “what are you expecting God to do this year?” period.

I didn’t really have an answer. There was one thing that happened to me though. I decided that while I didn’t know what God was going to do this year, I realized I had one desire, one burning question.
Who was this Jesus I was following?

And so that became my question. That became what I was seeking to answer.

Who is this Jesus I claim to follow?

I had lots of head knowledge, listened to tons of sermons and took notes sometimes.

I came to realize I didn’t have a lot of heart knowledge though.

So that’s what I set out to do. I purposed that amidst classes and such I would come to know this Jesus that I was following. What I discovered shocked me completely.

I discovered that the Jesus I knew before was extremely small. I had unknowingly put the Jesus I knew inside of a box.

That box was rudely burst apart.


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