His Story in Me Part 11

That box may have been rudely burst apart, but I loved what I was learning.

This Jesus was so much more amazing. I began to see threads running throughout the Bible. I realized that the Garden of Eden is the unconstructed City of Jerusalem we see in Revelations.

I began to realize that Jesus is pivotal. It wasn’t really about us at all. Or at least not as much as I was led to believe. I had been told over and over that God was all about rescuing those who were dead in sin. That he created the earth for us, and when we fell he came to earth for the sole purpose of rescuing us.

The Christianity that I had been raised in was one of human focus. One where we were the center was us.

That was my mistake, and unfortunately the mistake that a lot of us make still.

But it’s not about us. It’s all about Jesus. Everything points to Him. Everything is consumed with Him.

Focusing on Jesus rights everything. It is through Him that we can properly interpret the scriptures. It is through Him that we can understand who God is.

It is not by knowing the Old Testament that we learn who Jesus is. It is by knowing Jesus that we understand the Old Testament.
Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God. He is the reason we can know what God is like.

And to think I learned all this while going to class! That semester was brilliant both academically and spiritually.

As for classes (I suppose I should at least mention them at some point) I continued on with math courses. But my toughest courses were still to come. I finished up that semester the one type of class I wasn’t a big fan of.

Computer programming was and possibly still is my worst enemy. I don’t like coding, definitely don’t love it, but I can do it. But I can say that taking it with Alexis Maciel made me enjoy it more. I began to enjoy doing it just a little. I managed to get through all of my classes rather well. I wasn’t a 4.0 but hey I’ve never been a 4.0 student.


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