His Story in Me Part 12

Spring of 2011. Getting one semester closer to graduating, and well that was my toughest semester yet.

I had one class. Number Theory. I’m probably exaggerating if I call it the bane of my existence, but there were times when that’s what I considered it.

Doing the homework for that class annoyed me. I did not enjoy it one bit. I eventually made it through but not with much complaining. My final grade in that class was a D. First D I’d ever gotten. I wasn’t complaining though because I only needed to pass the class. That was it. I didn’t need to get an A, just needed to pass and that’s what I did.

My other classes were fun though!

I kept learning more about Jesus and just how much he means. Possibly sometime the semester before I had discovered a message entitled “The Eternal Purpose,” by Frank Viola. That message was the one message that I ever listened to and stopped doing everything else.

I played it, not too sure how I stumbled on it, but when I did I stopped everything. Something spoken in that message echoed in me. It stirred up the Spirit in me and I knew that it was true.

The basic premise is that God’s eternal purpose was four fold. To have a bride and body for the Son, along with a house and family for the Father. The bride, the body, the house, and the family.

God’s eternal purpose was wrapped up in one entity.

The Church.

But the main thing I realized is this. His eternal purpose involves the Church. But it centers around Jesus.

Suddenly things fell into place for me.

Things began to click and make sense. It left me with one sense.

God is so much bigger than what we know, but he is also so much more brilliant than I had ever known before. There were times that learning these things made my head hurt. I grew tired of learning such amazing things, but I didn’t stop, it was too exciting.


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