His Story in Me Part 13

That summer of 2011 I went back to Upward Bound.

It was another great summer. I got to teach another elective course, this one about brain teasers.

Oh. Man.

I loved teaching it, and forcing the students to try the problems. Yeah but then I had to explain it. It was still lots of fun, explaining the problems actually helped me to understand some of them.

There’s this one problem, about an line of 100 lights. You walk down the hallway pulling every single cord turning the lights on. Then you walk down the hallway a second time pulling every second cord turning some of them off and leaving others on. Then you do it a third time pulling every third string. And then every fourth, and then every fifth, and then every sixth and so on. The question is, after your 100th pass, what lights are on, and what lights are off?

That problem always perplexed me. I mean always. Like I’d get asked the problem someplace and every time I never failed to not understand it.

But now I do. And it’s a tricky problem. Sort of. But I won’t give away the answer. Try it out sometime and see what you come up with. One hint though. Look at it on a small scale. Try using a hallway of 20 lights and see what happens.

But anyways, the summer was fantastic. Our big summer trip came up here to Clarkson, and it was fun. I played laser tag at least four times. I think it was around a total of 20 games or so, about 15 minutes a piece. Fantastic. In case you don’t know, I love laser tag. It’s probably the one sport that I would play if they had a league for it.

It was a delightful summer and I was a little sad that it had to end. But most everything will have to end at some point. There are very, very few things that will never end.


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