His Story in Me Part 14

So after the summer ended I came back to Clarkson for my senior year! This was a year that was going to be full of things I never expected.

I had in the fall semester my last round of math classes. Two of them which were difficult and one of which was semi-difficult. It wasn’t an easy semester.

Advanced Calculus was my first class I had real troubles with. Remember Number Theory? I told you about it at some point in another post. Yeah A Calc was just like that. It was a little better though. Easier by the smallest fraction of material possible.

The second class, Abstract Algebra. Now that was a class I had fun in. I enjoyed it quite a lot actually. It really applied to some things, more so that some other classes. I ended up with a B in that class which was quite exciting actually.

For the most part the semester was uneventful. I was still learning about God things that I never knew before.

My grandfather was in a new world though. He was always a tough man who always claimed he would live forever. Yet here he was facing a new challenge. A week or so before Thanksgiving he underwent open heart surgery. He had a valve replaced, an aneurism taken out and several arteries cleaned out.

He spent a good two maybe three weeks recovering in Albany Med. But he was strong. He went home after with no therapy. He grew tired of sitting at home. He was forced to do that for a good four months.

I returned to Clarkson after Thanksgiving break and had three weeks left. Two weeks of classes and then finals. Different from the three previous years. I headed home to find my grandfather doing really well. He was still under lots of appointments and being carefully watched, but he was doing fantastic.

We celebrated Christmas and it was fantastic. My grandmother and her sister, both prominent people in our family, had been arguing for a good nearly year I think. They began speaking shortly before my grandfather had surgery in November.

People showed up on Christmas, I ran the preparation of Christmas dinner, and we had a lot of fun. The family was beginning to look like it had when I was younger. I left to go back to Clarkson for my last semester before graduating.


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