Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

Hello double post!!

Yes this is one of those rare days when you will see two posts from me. And also see one tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday as well I think!

First, I’M GRADUATING!!! That’s right, this Saturday afternoon I will be an official Clarkson graduate! I’m not done with school yet though, I have grad school in the fall at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Second, it’s senior week here at Clarkson. The week that many seniors who’ve worked hard for four years for some reason get hammered all week. Let me be brief, I’m not against drinking, I’m against getting smashed. Drunk. Hammered. Whatever you want to call it. I personally have no inclination or desire to get drunk.

Seeming as how it’s senior week, I’m just here. We don’t really have anything to do and so I’m bored. Hahaha, but I’ve found things to occupy myself with.

Every day since my last final last Friday I’ve woken up with a song from God in my mind. Two of them in particular. White Flag, from Passion, and 10,000 Reasons from Matt Redman.

I particularly enjoy both of them. White Flag talks of complete surrender to God, and 10,000 Reasons simply talks of thanking God for everything. So a double post and double feature today!


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