His Story in Me Part 17

Spring break came and went. My grandmother got sick one night and we feared the worst. But then doubt crept in. Was my grandmother letting her sugar drop on purpose? It’s possible. She may have lost all desire to live. We’ll never know. She was spotted quickly and rushed to the hospital. She had a lovely stay at Glens Falls Hospital for around 5 days I think.

After Spring Break ended, I was back at Clarkson for my last 5 weeks. They passed somewhat uneventful, although I’d had enough excitement in one semester to last me for a while.

During all of that I somehow managed to get into graduate school at SUNY Plattsburgh! I procured a summer job, received prophetic presbytery, and managed to finish my undergraduate career at Clarkson with the exception of finals.

I have only three finals this semester, a rarity, and on May 12, I will have a bachelors degree in mathematics. Today if I’ve planned out the posts correctly!

Now you know a rather large portion of His story and how it’s played out in my life. My God will continue to lead me and establish me in all his ways and paths, something I am very grateful for.


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