It’s Always a Difficult Time

It’s always a difficult time with God. I end up being taught lessons that I don’t want to learn.

The most difficult lesson is when something you want to happen doesn’t. You see there’s something that I want to happen very much. But deep down, in my heart of hearts, knowing it’s not going to happen is the worst. That’s the moment when it means something though.

Do I have enough faith to trust God? I mean that’s the real question right…is God trustworthy?

There’s one saying I’ve always stuck to. It applies to girls. Yeah I know, but hey a 21 year old guy eventually needs to start dating right? God’s taught me one thing about girls. It’s that I want it to be the right one.

When I finally find a girl, I want her to be THE girl. The one I end up dating, and eventually marrying. That’s who I want.

I kinda found one. But I’m honestly not sure what could happen. And so I’ve waited. And in waiting, I’ve come to the current conclusion that she may not be the one. Hence the second thing God’s taught me.

If I run into a girl that I believe is perfect for me and God says no, then God has someone even better for me.

Either way that makes me happy.

I don’t know how to really explain it. It’s just that I have a complete confidence in God.

I’m not really sure just how this confidence in God get’s established. It’s almost like it simply happens. God works in our life and builds this trust into us. We trust him initially due to the Holy Spirit’s influence in us, and he builds us into his trust even more.

The more we grow to know him, the more we begin to trust him.

It’s really a beautiful thing. I’m almost ecstatic sometimes because of it. It’s delightful.

There’s something about God working, that even though it may not be fun going through it, on the other side it’s pure bliss.

It reminds me of the song by Third Day I think, there’s a particular line in the chorus I think. “That I must go through the valley to stand upon the mountain of God.”

It’s a very true statement. There is always a valley we must travel through in order to find God. I think that there is another entire post in there though.

But when we leave the valley, we know God more than when we entered. That’s the beauty of it. This girl situation, when I come to the end of it, I will know God better no matter what the result is. That’s the blessing. Even in the difficult times, I will come to know God more.


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