The Love That Came

There is a love that came for us. It’s a love far greater than anything we’ve known before, greater than anything we will ever know again.

This love, we will never understand. The moment that we begin to understand this love, we’ve put a limitation on it.

If you are ever capable of understanding the love of God, then you do not truly know about the love of God. We will never fully understand it. We can only accept the love.

It is an overwhelming love. A love from the heights of heaven. A love that surpasses understanding.

It is only by accepting and receiving the love that we can know what it feels like. And even then, we don’t know it truly.

There is a love, a love that existed before all else in the universe, that existed before the universe, that came for you.

This love is the only thing that can exist by itself.

Love can exist without hatred, but hatred cannot exist without love.

That’s important. Similarly good can exist without evil, but evil cannot exist without good.

What a love this must be! To be one of the only self-sufficient forces in the universe.

We can know this only to come to discover that this love isn’t really love, but a person.

A Person whose name rings true all over the world. When we know the name of this love, oh what a blessing.

To know the name of love. That is priceless in itself. What a blessing, what a gift, what a privilege!

This Love came that we might be able to know Love. That we might be able to touch eternity.

This Love, is an absurd love. A love that is unceasing. A love that is relentless. A love that is on the throne. A love that rules the very steps of the universe.

To know the name of Love is a privilege we have. To know the name of Jesus is to know Love. True love at that.

Be blessed and follow the true love. Follow the name of Jesus, follow the Way and your steps will always be blessed.


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