Coming with Expectation

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with God, it’s to not come with a lot of expectation.

Often times when people go to a conference or Sunday morning meeting, they approach God with something they want.

We tend to go through this “I’m expecting God to show me how to solve this problem” or “I want God to do this for me.”

I’ve done that before. And every time I’ve done that you could say I’ve almost been disappointed.

I have to be careful what I say here, hear me out though.

I think it’s wrong to approach God with an expectation.

Now before I lose you, when I say approach God with an expectation, I think it’s better to ask God and leave it there. I specifically talk about conferences and possibly Sunday morning meetings.

What happens when you approach God wanting him to do something, and he doesn’t. We get flustered, wonder if God is really listening, wonder if He cares.

It’s a tough situation. I think it’s better in certain situations to simply approach God expecting him to do something. If we approach God during these such times simply expecting God to do something, then we can simply appreciate that he did something.

I simply expect God to do something. When I have something specific I want God to do, I ask, but I let the result be up to God.

Let’s put it this way, when I expect God to do something specific I put a limit on what God can do. I put God in a box. I look for him to do what I want, and if he doesn’t I become disappointed. On the flip side though, if I simply let God do what he wants and come just expecting him to do something, that’s when I relax in Him.

I simply leave the results to God only expecting him to do something.

That’s not to say it’s wrong to approach God with a specific request, but it’s wrong to dwell solely on that. We have to realize that God does almost anything for us, often times though it won’t be what we expect. We simply have to realize that God works in our lives in ways we’ll never understand.

We come to God expecting him to do something whenever we ask, and we let Him do what He does best.


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