That post about girls

So there’s this girl. And she’s awesome.

I talked to her, and she said that she was looking at the relationship as a pure friendship. And you know what…I’m okay with that.

I’ve still got so much growing to do in God that I’m okay with that. Plus we get to stay friends which is awesome because she’s an awesome friend.

I talk about this for a reason. I want to have a serious relationship someday, and I want it to be so very special.

The woman I meet one day, I want to fall so in love with her that it’s unbelievable. I want her to be someone that I cannot go a single day without thinking about, without thanking God for.

I want her to be someone who will laugh with me, at myself, her, and others. I want to have fun with her in every possible way.

I want to willingly give up everything to be with her. I want to walk through every stage of life with her. I want to be lost when she’s gone. I want to celebrate when she’s near.

I want to be struck by her beauty each and every day. I want to be amazed by her gracefulness as she moves. I want to hug her and smell her hair. I want to spend every day in her presence.

And there are several times that I’ve been struck by a particular girl. I would turn to God and say “Do you see her? She’s perfect! She’s the one for me!”

This God that I trust would then turn to me and say “Yes, she is perfect, but not for you. I have someone better for you…”

Excuse me? Someone better? Do you realize how often this one invades my mind? And the girl before that? How often they cross my mind? How often I wonder what they’re doing? If they’re thinking of me as well?

SOMEONE BETTER? How in the world could someone be better than that?!

And yet several times over, at least five or six by now God has patiently said “Not yet. There is someone better…”

As hard as it is, I will wait. I will wait because I trust God knows what he’s doing. I trust this God that I follow because he has shown himself trustworthy.

So if you know God, wait. You will know the moment your future spouse walks into your life. You will know him/her simply because your heart will race every second you see them. You will continue to learn new things of them. God’s love will burn in your heart for them. You will love them with a love that is only topped by your love for God.

I have waited for a good six years, I think I can wait a few more. Besides I trust the One I follow, with everything I have I trust Him.


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